Friday, October 30, 2015

Attention European Readers

European Readers:

As others have done, we too would like to hear your stories. 

Islam is a supremacist ideology that is a contagion against freedom.  It cannot exist within a democracy and some of the European imams have been bolder in stating plainly that 

'Democracy is the will of the people; Sharia is the will of Allah' and the two do not mix.

Psychologically, Islam teaches that its followers are superior to infidels (and superior to women) which must always lead to violence, whenever the "kaffir" or infidel shows success.  The success of a non follower of Islam is an affront to Allah and to the Koran, disproving the assertions of Mohammad, therefore, the destruction of architecture, culture and civilization.  

The supremacist must explain his inferiority and the only explanation he has is that he must have been defrauded, which creates the powerful victim status that unites them in rage against the free world.

What have you seen?

What have you experienced?

Please share your stories with us for compilation as they stand as a warning to us, especially with the indiscriminate and disengaging "multiculturalism" that is currently tyrannizing the world today, as the third world rushes to the West, claiming its superiority and demanding "restitution" of perceived wrongs of the past, including more than 1,000 years ago, as a way of explaining their failed theocratic existence.  

Post them in the comments section, or email them directly.

Let us hear from you! 

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