Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can Israel Save The World From Its Third World War?

Can Israel save mankind from a third world wide war, fought mostly on European soil?

Tiny, beleaguered pariah of the world to the rescue of the world that has hated it, boycotted it and joined in with Islam's call to destroy it saves us from a third world war? Bob Dylan's "Neighborhood Bully" to the rescue?

Angela Merkel demands that Israel cede over sovereign property to "Palestinians" which essentially says to their sworn rapist enemy, 'please move in to my spare bedroom, but don't hurt me or my daughter.'

Muslim nations, with plenty of land, will not give land to Palestinians because they are but a tool in Islamic hands to destroy Israel and claim their wealth.  

The Obama-European deal with Iran has set the stage for the world's greatest exporter of terror to suddenly explode in wealth allowing for not only a cache of nuclear weapons of which their death culture has no qualms using, but to fund Islamic supremacy in Europe. 

In Europe, the Muslim population is greater than the governmental statistics will allow, and the number of "no go zones", under various names and titles, is well in the hundreds and is being freshened with thousands of new 'troops' every day.  The ideology of the invaders is supremacy which means to live off the host country. Merkel has deluded herself and Europe into believing that the sons of Mohammad will, after 3 generations of not working for the Kaffir, will suddenly say, "Let us support the German elderly, after all, they did invite us in and it was their tax dollars which brought us here, fed us, housed us, and gave us Internet access. 

The problem is human nature, with the prideful European refusal to believe Muslims when they say "We are, as the Koran says, your masters."

They will not support German society as Daniel Greenfield so aptly explains.  

Then, the context:

Supremacy is never satisfied and the only way to explain the inequalities of life for the Islamic mind is to say "we are been victims of fraud."

As the no-go zones have not only increased in number, but in geographical size and population, the inevitable request, and then cry, and then demand, will be heard:

"Give us a small piece of land for our own home, just like the Palestinians!"

With this will come riots and threats of more riots and violence and more violence, as Europe knows all too well, and when Merkel gives in, facing her own words to Israel, served up on a platter with Oktoberfest non-alcoholic ale and halal sandwich, she will have no choice.  

Like Pilate's lengthy history of corruption, she, too, will fail when her final test comes, having failed at all the little tests along the way. 

Once the first "Islamic State of Europe" is announced and the parades are held and the Nobel Peace Prizes distributed, the Europeans will begin to pick up the pieces when they hear of demands for more land, and more financial support, which is where the newly christened Islamic world leadership, Iran, steps in, with its money and weapons, oddly enough, manufactured in Germany, are used to arm the Independent Islamic States of Europe.  "It is for peaceful defensive posture only", Imams will say, echoing US military language.  

As this grows, Europe will have to fight, or accept Dhimmitude; one or the other.  

As conflict breaks out from these powerful small Islamic States, rich with Iranian money and weapons, the war goes truly international once the first 'dirty' nuclear weapon is used. 

The gloves come off, and all hell is unleashed upon the earth in ways we have only speculated upon in the last 70 years. 

Wouldn't it be some piece of irony to learn that it is tiny Israel, with its courage and military intelligence, that saves the earth from this catastrophe by its early, swift and effective military intervention knocking out the Iranian nuclear power plant that Obama had arranged, for Israel's own destruction?

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