Saturday, October 24, 2015

Germany's "Coal In the Mouth"

Just a 'handful of right-wing xenophobic islamohobes' showed up to protest immigration 

There is a certain uneasiness about the connection between the German government's "false flag" of the "Polish military" storming a German radio station to precipitate the invasion of Poland, and Angela Merkel's guilt over Nazi crimes. 

This uneasiness comes from the inconsistency of both condemning and embracing the same issue.  

It does not fit. 

Merkel expresses guilt and remorse over Germany's treatment of Jews at the hands of Germans. 

She thus shows the remorse by not only importing those with an ideology that holds to the physical destruction of Jews, but also with lies about the numbers of Islamic supremacists she has imported and will import. 

The Nazi supremacists have been eradicated by American occupation, and no longer pose a threat to Germany's Jews, so Merkel has replaced them with Islamic supremacists.  

The ideologies have many similarities, with the latter being more than just political and social, but religious as well.  Islamic anti-semitism is far more powerful (and popular) than Nazism, which was exclusive to Germans and those assimilated to Germany, while Islamic supremacy knows no such racial boundary, but is hundreds of times larger than tiny Nazism and has had not 15 years of success like Nazism, but 1400 years.  

    The weight of inconsistency is heavy upon her shoulders. 

This also goes for her desire for a free and open democratic society as well as a "Christian" society.  She calls for democracy while squelching it, and claims Christian ideology while opposing it, and empowering Christian persecution.  

She may decry the deception and "false flag" tactics of the Germans during the 1930's and 1940's, including the "coal in the mouth"*, that is, the squelching of criticism of the government, yet has gone out of her way to condemn the peaceful democratic protests of nationalistic Germans who wish to stop the importation of Islamic supremacists by her 'Josef Goebbels like' propaganda techniques, including lying about numbers, and portraying them as violent, and who's followers are responsible for "false flag" physical attacks and "false flag" photo ops.  

Nothing says PEGIDA better than a Merkel supporter wearing a swastika and attacking counter protestors.  

She hates the Nazi society where the average citizen feared criticizing its government while setting up a society in which average citizens now fear criticizing her government. 

Like the Nazis, she has moved towards arrests and fines, as well as imprisonment and property confiscation. 

The echo back to the 40's is unnerving.  

The Nazis cared little for statistical honesty.  This summer, Merkel was hailed as the most "moral" and powerful woman in the world when she said she would take in 800,000 Syrian "refugees" knowing that the actual number was 1.5 million.  She lied outright about this number, while lying through withholding information in this same number:  1.5 million quickly multiplies through asylum programs which allow for families to arrive within the year. 

1.5 million Islamist supremacists in 2015, when viewed with even conservative math (4 family members, rather than 6 or 8) comes to:

6 million Islamists from the 2015 "refugee" allowance, alone.  This does not include 2014's actual numbers, nor does the state's numbers include the hundreds of thousands that have been, in the last few years, been denied asylum, but simply refused to leave. 

The calculations of when Germany's own population would become the minority when compared to Islamists, has gone from 2050 to 2040, and down to 2024.  

Yet, as the percentage of Jew haters moves over only 5% of a population, studies have shown the increase in violence is staggering at each percentage increase. 

If 2% of a population can commit 77% of its violent crimes in Sweden, for example, where even this statistic is deceptively shaved downward, what can Germans expect?

Perhaps a better question is, "What are Germans experiencing now?"

Few in America know how bad it is due to the media blackout. 

This same sentence could have been written in America in 1938, and, actually was, as Holocaust denial was popular then, as the Sharia-denial is today.  

Germany has failed to protect its citizens, and its economy, and has not simply lost control over a few hundred neighborhoods, but entire cities are being controlled by criminal supremacists who used German laws to subjugate the population to a place of "dhimmitude", willingly giving their tax dollars to those who have not worked, and will not work for the "kaffir" German.  

As Merkel condemns Nazism, she embraces it's means as her own.  


*In the anonymous woman's account of the rapes in Berlin after the fall of the Nazi regime, the commonly used phrase among citizens was "coal in the mouth" to refer to someone who dared to speak out against the Nazis, thus endangering not only the speaker, but those who lived with the speaker.  
In modern Germany and Europe, "hate speech" refers to any speech that can "incite" anger, thus handing to Islamic supremacists the tool needed to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws by claiming that most anything said critical of Islam can "incite", simply by threatening to riot.  This threat to riot can silence any topic under the sun, and has done more to enforce, "de facto", the Sharia laws prohibiting criticism of Islam than even the actual violence. 

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