Friday, October 23, 2015

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

"Estro-thinking" and "ovary-thought" and other such word compilations of emotionally charged thinking are being heard in Germany as "Mama Merkel" has gone from being on top of the world, in August of 2015, down to one fighting just to keep her job, 6 weeks later.

She has gone from making strange Christo-twisted platitudes, such as, 'do to our guilt in the holocaust, we must invite Muslims in to our country' down to head-down mutterings of little sense, including some rambling incoherent answers to simple questions of security for the German people.

Raised in the darkness of communistic East Germany, she lived "behind a wall" which was intended to keep the East Germans in, not the world out.

She was raised, as all Germans her age, with the schooling of shame from the crimes of the Nationalist Socialist party leading to Germany's own division following World War II.

With these two dominant themes deeply within her, she has made emotionally led decisions that were void of logic, which has led to a dramatic, long term change to Germany, itself, and has, perhaps, actually opened the door to civil war, or the long dreaded third world wide European war; the very thing she hoped to avoid.

Post Christian Europe has long prospered due to Judeo-Christian's out workings, including capitalism and Protestant work ethic.

It has abandoned the very principles that gave it the prosperity, especially the early Calvinism with understood the nature of man better than any system.  The denial of human nature is the core of all Leftism and the almost 200,000 Jews in Germany are now powerfully outnumbered by Islamic supremacy and its pathological hatred of all things Jewish.

What Hitler could not complete, Mama Merkel has, even as she embraced the title, "Mama", though, unveiled, she would not be safe to walk among the Muslims she has long embraced lest there be what the Germans call, "a misunderstanding", something we Americans call "rape."

Both the relationship with Israel, and the safety of German's Jews, have been destroyed by an emotional decision and the boast of taking in "all of Syrian's refugees" which has not only caused a mass production of Syrian birth certificates for sale in Africa and the middle east, but has created an entire new Islamic state of Europe, now awaiting birth.

Angela Merkel's fall has come faster than even Herr Hitler's.

Her legacy may prove to be even worse.

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  1. She needs to be tossed in the Hague for endangering Europe and turning it over to Islam! What the hell was she thinking? I used to have the highest respect for her, thought she was one of the good guys, but she proved herself to be a Traitor to Europe and needs to pay for the damage she has caused throughout Europe by wanting to play Mother Theresia for these animals of Islam! Guess she has been hanging out with that worthless Muslim Pig, Hussein Obama, America's Kenyan Queen and Tyrant!