Saturday, October 31, 2015

Islamic Misundertandings

The ideology has such deep contempt for women that an injured male, in pain, may refuse medical intervention if it comes from a woman.

When migrants demanded Europeans stop giving them food and clothing but give "us our money" instead, they also complained about the food.  It was beneath them.

They said it was not good enough for them;
It was not good enough to even give a dog, but was so poor that it was only sufficient for a woman. Islamic supremacists despise dogs, and consider black dogs to be demonic, which is why they often poison them, or Islamic taxi drivers refuse to pick up people with service dogs, such as the blind.

It is difficult for us in the West to grasp the ideology of Islam, as we think it is a religion mostly, rather than what it is:

a political, social and religious contagion that directs its adherents to commit violence (including death) against anyone who criticizes it, disagrees with it, leaves it, or does not obey it.  The directives are accompanied by specific descriptions to make the violence "spectacular" so that it remains etched upon the memory of all those who criticize or disobey it.  This is why we have videos of homosexual males thrown off roofs, Christians crucified, or Jews beheaded with a small knife.  When we have Islamic rape, this too, is often "spectacular" in its display of cruelty, with acute injuries inflicted upon its victim.  Like violence, this rape is in Islam taught by precept and precedent; by actual Koranic teaching, and by the example of Mohammad, the "perfect man" who made non Islamic women "open game" to Islamic men.  As to the religious nature of this, "paradise" for the Islamic man is a list of virgins to be deflowered by them.  This does not speak of intimacy, gentleness or loyalty, but of subjugation, penetration and intrusion.

In the above photo, the women in the blue shirt was sexually assaulted and when she did not receive justice, she went to media, only to be asked if she thought he "asked for" the sexual assault by her "provocative dress."

In Germany, with the anticipated 1.5 million Islamic supremacists admitted (with 70% to 90% male, aged 18-35), one school instructed Germany's girls to "cover up" lest when the Islamic supremacist male sees them, a "misunderstanding" occur.

A "misunderstanding' is to express "Islamic rape" in a much softer term.

It is not to "minimize" rape; it is deception via change of language.  A misunderstanding is when two or more thoughts do not correlate.  Rape is a vicious sexual and violent crime against a woman that specifically targets the most delicate part of her body.  There is no "misunderstanding" within rape.

A rape not only endangers the woman's life immediately, but has devastating life long consequences.  I have touched upon this in depth here.

The outright hatred of women, to the point of "don't touch me!" element, adds to both fear and contempt towards women which leads to a host of sexual problems; not the least is the violence within rape.

As Europe continues to deny, minimize and outright deceive its citizens, it will only embolden those who are "serious" and "devout" about their faith.

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