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"Muslim Frustration" and Nazi Ideology

There is an excellent article by Daniel Greenberg at Front Page on "Muslim Frustration" found here:


It is viewed as world wide frustration, and generational frustration.

Psychologically beneath this is what explains the violence, and even why the Nazis so hated the Jews.

Commentators love to point to Hitler's Austrian rejection as an artist blaming it on Jews, or how somehow, Jews were the ones who controlled the Treaty of Versaille, which decimated Germany.

Hitler's anti-semitism not only had its root, but it also had an appeal to a most willing population, not of all Germans (Jews considered themselves safe because they saw themselves as Germans).

It also explains the violence, in every category of percentage of Muslims, in every country in the world.

It will, by itself, why people in a crisis pull together for the common good, but why migrants tear and rip at each other in their invasion.

It is "Supremacist" ideology.

The Nazi ideology centered that the Aryan was genetically superior to the non-Aryan.

The Islamic ideology says that those in submission to Islam are superior to all others.

Realty, however, counters both claims.

Sweden's quest for a truly utopian, egalitarian society was a war against nature.  Since men and women are not "equal" in all ways, they had to pass laws to emasculate men, and build a society where men are shamed to be men, and boys are brought up to be in shame of their own masculinity.  That they are now the "rape capital of the West" incapable of protecting their women is a natural consequence.

Make war against nature and nature will win.

No matter how many times Bruce Jenner stares into the mirror, as a 65 year old grandfather, willing himself to be a sexy college co-ed, he is a man.

The consequence of this leftist lunacy is unknown.  In NYC, protests to make "equal" men and women have the claim that "men can show their chests, so can women" with women's chests being "de-sexualized."

Has anyone considered what then happens to all the child molestation cases where girls' chests have been fondled?

By calling Bruce Jenner a "man" is to go against "Woman of the Year" yet, if your 15 year old daughter, dangerously thin, sees a "fat girl" in the mirror, would the seeking of professional intervention be thus as "hateful" and "judgmental" as declaring Grandpa Bruce a man?  Shall we turn away the aneroxic who "presents" or "perceives" herself overweight to protect her "identity"?

Bruce Jenner receiving awards like "Woman of the Year" is an insult to women.  

Going to war with nature cannot win and is an expression of self-loathing.

Germans who quickly embraced their "superiority" were also at war with their successful neighbors:  the Jews.

The Jews test higher in IQ and culturally, prize education, savings and investment.  This "inequality" can only be explained one way by the supremacist:  "Fraud", which leads to victim status, which is empowering.

Why do the migrants not pull together in a crisis like others?  I cannot think of a richer opportunity to assist one another than in a crisis, particularly if the crisis means walking hundreds of miles and struggling for the basic necessities of life, including food, shelter, and, dare say, hygiene.

Yet, they viciously turn on one other.

Islam does not unite them once the topic is no longer hatred of Jews and Kaffir (us).  After "jihad', they turn on one another with barbaric like cruelty, as prescribed in the Koran.  They lie with impunity to Kaffir, even to the point of making friends with an openly gay man, knowing full well that this is to advance their cause, and later, they will dispatch the homosexual, also in "spectacular" manner as ordered, so that people will feel the shock and awe and fear them.

They are, after all, supreme.

When an injured bleeding Muslim refuses to let a female nurse tend to his wound, he is telling you that he has an extreme hatred of women.  This hatred is not only taught from the Koran, but exampled by Mohammad and the lessons driven home from childhood including the deeply embedded eye witnessing of domestic violence...against their own mothers.

Masculinity is the sacrifice of strength and the laying down of one's life for another, such as "women and children first" but in Islamic supremacy thinking, tossing the women and children overboard is a necessity to save the man.

A constant irritant and reminder of success of kaffir society must be torn down 
Because Allah has "cursed" the kaffir, the Eiffel Tower stands as a constant instigation to the supremacist mind that the Koran might be wrong.  This is not acceptable.  The Eiffel Tower, like all beauty of the West, including the magnificent Twin Towers, and the beautiful ancient churches in the middle east, must come down.  Allah, after all, can't be blatantly wrong.  He can be wrong, which is why when speaking to us, they love to quote the "mercy" passages of this contradictory book, without telling us that Allah changed his mind and the later jihadic passages have supplanted the earlier.

The supremacist sees the kaffir's wealth, and considers that this must be, by necessity, fraud, which leads to claims of victimization.  Victim status powerfully unites and empowers.

One would think that a common religion would unite Muslims of every nation, instead, they fight one another, even within the same nation, down to tribe versus tribe, family versus family.  If a son has more than his father, the father rages because he, the father, is supreme and the success must come from fraud.

This is why Muslims are often criticized as lacking natural affection, including parental affections, as evidenced by the myriad of mentally retarded or disabled children dumped upon Western social services, (see Nicolai Sennels on Muslim inbreeding), or rioting over not being given free medicine (having to pay 10 euro co payment for a $500 medicine causes "frustration."

As Mr. Greenberg aptly shows, any topic of another's success is open game for "Muslim frustration" and this supremacist ideology explains why even in 100% Muslim nations, they continually war one against another.

European "hate speech" laws play into this perfectly.  Speech that inspires violence is illegal.  Simple enough, the Muslim, in enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws, threatens violence over anything they wish.  If they threaten over the color blue, mention the color blue and you are inciting violence.

This is why art is being destroyed.  Mohammad killed poets and Mohammad, to the supremacist mind, is to be emulated.  Kill the artists.  Kill the poets. Kill the Jew.  Kill the American.  Kill the kaffir.  Drive all non muslims out.  Then, kill one another.  Supremacist ideology means never being satisfied.  This is why migrants spit out food, burn clothing and make outrageous demands, not simply one group of them, or just Syrian, or just those from Afghanistan, but universally, by the hundreds of thousands, in each country.  As Mr. Greenfield said, one cannot have a welfare state and open borders.  But when you open the border to those who hold themselves as supreme human beings, whatever you give them is not enough. 

Islam is the antithesis of the Judao-Christian thought that has layered Europe with "Thou shalt not kill", "Thou shalt not steal" and "treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated" and they have long benefited from this. They have, en masse, abandoned their roots and embraced a new religion, replete with the 'final arbitrator of right or wrong' being the state.  This is a religion and the god of the state has demanded "multiculturalism" as a major principle, even though it is the madness of indiscriminate mixing.  Like a chef who insists the "best" soup is one that has every spice on his shelf, the heartburn that strikes will be as lethal as 1400 years of history testifies to.  

Christianity was the driving force behind the armed resistance that became the American War for Independence.  This was not a "revolution" like France's chaotic anarchy where bloodshed replaced bloodshed, but a most reluctant call to arms when the tyranny of another nation's parliament went unchecked by a king, of whom we have contracted together with.  The king was repeatedly appealed to, but refused to honor his contractual obligations, so "the War of the Presbyterians" began in earnest, as Christians considered the tyranny to usurp the Crown Rights of Christ.  Christ had commanded them to provide for their families.

It is ironic that Merkel attempts to use "Christianity" as a reason to import sworn enemies of her own citizens, including the 100,000 (to 200,000) Jews still left there.  6 million Jews died as a result of Nazi supremacy and Merkel claims to still feel the guilt.
German citizens see the correlation 

 As Front Page has  pointed out, with the 1.5 million Islamic supremacists brought in this year alone, having at least 4 family members ready to join them, the 6 million Islamists, with their pathological and religious hatred of Jews, the irony of the number cannot be lost on the Jews there.  Where Hitler failed, Merkel may succeed.

They have no idea what they have imported.

The Nazis were limited to almost entirely Germans and they lasted less than 2 decades.

Islam supremacy dwarfs Nazi supremacy, is world wide, and has last 1,400 years.

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