Monday, October 19, 2015

The Koranic Rape Epidemic and Silence

By criticizing the free speech Mohammad cartoon gatherings, Western leaders are supporting the koranic rape epidemic.  

How is this possibly linked together?

Professionally, I worked with my first victim of rape in the late 80's.  I was ill-prepared to even begin to understand the life long suffering of what the victim had gone through, would go through,  and how, years later, she remained hyper-vigilant, incapable of trust, self-destructive, and one who's eyes were perpetually baggy from disrupted sleep caused by nightmares and night terrors. 

Since that time, I have interviewed hundreds, with most of the victims, in a strong majority, having a background of childhood sexual abuse. 

In my work, I have an entire separate chapter for training of law enforcement, social service professionals, and others, on the language of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, alone, in analyzing statements for veracity and content.  I am able to clear the innocent who are falsely accused, but am also able to, employing analysis techniques, prove a truthful assertion that is doubted. 

There is one consistent element in most all victims that reigns above all else: 

They cannot bear to be silenced. 

Victims of childhood sexual abuse can even use "passivity" in language; something that is employed when one wishes to deceive by withholding identity or responsibility. 

"The fire was lit, and the man..." avoids saying, "The man lit the fire" using a deceptive technique that conceals the responsibility for lighting the fire. This "passive voice" is appropriate if, for example, the writer/speaker does not know who lit the fire (not the claim here) such as "a shot was fired from the crowd."  In this case, passivity is appropriate:  the person speaking does not know who pulled the trigger. 

Sexual abuse victims as children, especially when the abuse was during years of speech and brain development and the abuse was by one of whom the child trusted and the abuse was not physically painful, can lead to a form of disassociation by the child.

The child's brain literally protects itself by disassociating itself from the event.  The above factors add the element of confusion, and the child, unable to describe what happened, may sound deceptive, but is not.  Statement Analysis 101 will not properly discern this.  

The disassociated child will later, as an adult, use terminology that sounds like this:

"It was like I was floating above myself, watching him do that to me."

It is a signal that the adult is not only truthful, but has likely had some strange, difficult to explain episodes where she did things, or put herself in places, that increased her risk of sexual assault. 

The one common theme among all victims, both adult and childhood victims of sexual assault:

The need to be heard. 

Those molested in childhood are often terrorized by being told:

"If you tell, Daddy (Uncle, friend) will be locked in jail forever and ever and it will be your fault!"

"If you tell someone, I will kill your mother."  (or substitute "you" for "mother")

"If you tell anyone about what happened they will come and take you away from me."

"If you tell someone, your little sister will get it done to her, but if you are quiet, you will be given..." (fill in blank with reward). 

The common denominator is that the rape victim has an overwhelming desire to communicate.  I believe it is the brain's way of trying to heal itself, or at least, to mitigate its suffering by verbal processing.  It is, perhaps, the most extreme need of the victim, whether she was assaulted in childhood, adulthood, or, most likely, both.  

The victim must be heard. 

The victim being heard, to the vicim, means validation, and an attempt to begin the long journey towards conquering fear. 

To be told she is a liar, is to be told to be silent, or perhaps worse, if such exists. 

It is the one thing that a rape victim cannot abide. 

Sweden has become the rape capital of the West.  

We sometimes see people leaving angry comments about wishing a judge who refuses to punish the rapist, or the police who refuse to investigate the rape, or the social worker who called the victim a "child prostitute", would be left thus to the hands of Islamic supremacists to experience, first hand, the brutality. 

I understand the frustration, but it is not something I wish upon anyone.  

Thus when a "no borders" anarchist was at a migrant gathering at a party, plans were made on how to breach security to help the migrants make illegal entry from one country to the next.  Various diversionary tactics have been employed where police are called to one area, and then to another, while some migrants then make their way through the Euro tunnel, for example, which has gone through periods of shut down due to these tactics.   

This particular "no borders" activist, who is an anarchist, had dedicated one full month of her life to the migrants. 

The migrants are young males who were raised on the Koran, from childhood on up, which teaches without ambiguity that women are inferior (valued at 50% of a male) and that their own supremacy should be affirmed through violence, first to the little girl, and later to the wife.  This will "instruct her" on the "ways of Allah and Mohammad, his messenger." The lessons are driven home with violence, both towards the child and the child's mother and siblings. 

Mohammad was a pedophile who was engaged to (and sexually molested)  a 5 year old girl, and then had intercourse at her, when she was 9 years old.  Mohammad is Islam's "perfect man" to be imitated.   Even given the shorter life cycle centuries ago, she was a pre-pubescent little girl who is not physically nor emotionally ready for sexual intercourse, by nature, itself.  Aisha was a child victim of rape by a man who founded this horrific political strategy of institutionalized envy, theft and conquest, using rape as a reward, wrapped in religious language.  Who awaits the one who dies killing Jews and Christians?  72 "virgins" the Islamic male is told.  I will discuss the psychological ramifications of this teaching in another article, needless to say that it, itself, is repugnant to the ideals of western manhood and loving honor of women, while it is the ultimate "reward" of the Islamic male.  It's appeal is deliberate and will appeal to a certain 'type' male.  This, itself, should put a bit more "phobia" within the "Islamophobia" sufferer when we consider what we are facing with the Islamic supremacist mindset and ideology.  

Mohammad also told them that non followers of Islam were "kaffir" and their women were "whores" who's husbands and fathers were to be subjugated or killed, and the women were "rewards" from their god to be used sexually.  

African met at the migrant gathering saw the young woman who had dedicated her life to assisting them. 

The clash of cultures was on. 

In one corner, a young, idealistic European woman who, at age 30, had enough money to not work at her regular job for 4 straight weeks, but donate her time and effort to helping the African migrant men.  She would not only bring them food, clothing, cell phones, etc, but verbal and emotional support.  Surely, they would see that she is on their side, especially when it came time to helping plot how to outsmart the police and make it, illegally, into either her country, or to other countries that have enticed them with free money.  Her European appearance was visibly different from the men and her purpose was to help them without respect to differences in appearance, nationality, or beliefs.   

In the other corner were the males from Africa, who were raised on the Koran and the above teachings about supremacy, women, infidels, and infidel women, specifically.    

How would they view the 30 year old British woman who is dedicating herself to helping them?

One Saturday night answered this question for her and us, and forever changed the European woman's life, but for the Islamic males, it would be just another Saturday night in Europe. 

As the music played loudly at a nearby park, the woman walked freely among the migrants she had thus served, day by day, and night by night, befriending them, enhancing the quality of their lives, and for them, affirming their own superiority,  when a group of them cornered her near the showers she and her group had set up for them.  

To them, she was not only "woman" but "kaffir", that is, 'unclean, beneath the status of dog,; and not wearing the veil, and they, as a group, acted according to what the Koran told them:

They violently gang raped her, one after the other, tearing at her body.   

In the clash of ideologies, one of "no borders, no nations, no racist deportations" and all the dedication to serving the men, and the other of "you are supreme, and the woman is kaffir, takewhat your right hand finds" supremacy and prescribed rape, the brutality prevailed.  

When they finished with her, she went to report the crime when she was met by her colleagues, also anarchists who had dedicated their lives to "no border, no nation, no racist deportation" ideology who told her that if she told what happened, it would damage "their cause" and dreams of a world without borders, nations, rules and laws.  Like John Lennon singing, "imagine no possessions" while having a refrigerated closet for his mink coats", the irony stood out starkly to the victim:

The one compulsion that every rape victim shares is to be heard and not silenced;

The one mandate from all of the utopian anarchists is to enforce the cause by all means 

Which drive was more powerful?

Would it be the cause of ultimate socialism, where even lying with statistics is done to protect Islam?

Or, would the bare basic but powerful need to be heard from one so horribly violated prevail?

They choked her into silence by their bullying tactics; which is to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws over her own God given instinct to cry out for justice. 

Sharia does not allow for criticism of Islam and those who do so, as I have done in this article, are to be executed.  Since Islam is a supremacist ideology that prescribes rape and pedophilia, speaking its truth is to criticize it.  This is where the word "Islamophobia" came from:  a de facto implementation of the Sharia blasphemy laws where one is labeled of being irrationally afraid of Islam. 

There is nothing irrational about being afraid of an ideology that calls for your death.

It amounts to calling a Jew of 1939 Germany a "Naziphobe", or one who is "irrationally afraid of the National Socialist party. 

Jews had most rational reasons to fear Nazi ideology just as every "kaffir" (non follower of Islam) is wise to fear Islam's ideology.

Migrant camp in Italy near where rape was reported 

As she was raped, her cries for help were muted by the loud music, and later, her cries for justice were muted by her colleagues demanding she "take one for the team" so they could continue to import more and more rapists into their country. 

Finally, the urge to be heard won the contest of the wills, and she reported the gang rape at the hands of migrant Islamist supremacists from Africa.  

What her colleagues did next was unthinkable but quite predictable.  This conflict of ideals is only understood from the reference of humanity and human nature:  

It was unthinkable because of the severity of its cruelty, coming, at least seemingly, from those who consider themselves "humanitarians."

It was predictable because we have learned:  the narrative trumps truth, and the extreme pragmatism is consistent with the Koran's teaching that allows for Muslims to lie to promote Islam.  

They openly accused her of making the criminal report of gang rape out of "spite."

What is a "spite report" of rape?

Her colleagues re-victimized her, or "raped her" all over again, by accusing her of engaging in consensual sex with all of them, only to feel slighted by one or more of them, and now changing the narrative to "rape" from "consensual" because someone slighted her feelings. 

They made her into an immoral woman who would overthrow an entire movement due to feeling insulted.  

This is what they did to a rape victim who had, at her core, a life-blood need to cry out what had been done to her. 

She had violence done to her. 

She had violence done to her in the point of her body deliberately and perfectly designed for intimacy, love, pleasure, gentleness and eventually, to bring forth the life of a child.  

This is to target the very thing that makes a woman a woman and seek to destroy it:  her very soul.  

The place of comfort is a place of rage. 
The place of intimacy is a place of obscenity. 
The place of respectful joining is a place of vulgarity. 
The place of honor is now made by the rapists a source of pain, physical first, and then emotional of which she is sentenced to suffer for the rest of her life. 

This rape vicim will suffer for the rest of her life. 

Should she choose to marry, the suffering will impact her husband.  The suffering she feels now is shared by her father and her mother and by all who love her. 
If she has children, they too, will suffer. 

No one knows how bad it one can isolate it and quantify it.  

10 years from now, on Christmas morning, some odor, or distant thought can suddenly intrude upon her and make her desire to use violence against herself. 

This, even after years of professional intervention.  

She, and everyone who loves her, will suffer for the rest of their days.

The rapists?

They simply did what their religion tells them. 

Men of the west can wonder, "How did they get erections in a situation like this?  Could you really feel sexual arousal over a woman screaming to get you away from her?"

I cannot think of anything less sexy or inviting  than not being wanted, that is, until I consider such scenarios where a woman, crawling around on the dirt, screaming out in pain, and then wonder:  how is it possible for a man to see this pathetic violent scene and be aroused?

I write this terribly vulgar paragraph in hopes of getting men to consider just how powerful this ideology is, and how much it impacts those who are instructed in it from their earliest days of development. 

The more devout a Muslim is, the more he follows the Koranic teaching on rape, killing the kaffir, and imposing his "supremacy" upon others, including Europe.  

The migrants are doing what they have been taught to do. 

They are holding protests because they want their "refugee paychecks" and want the "kaffir" to take his rightful place in serving the Islamic superior man and then after paying the "tax" (welfare), to turn over his wife and daughters so that, for example as Merkel told them, they can breed many children to support Germany's failed population. 

If the Koran teaches rape of non-Muslim women, why should European officials be surprised when they rape?

The European woman will suffer and I do not wish such lessons upon anyone.  I am aware that no European politician will ever live among the Islamic supremacist just as Barak Obama will not live among the Islamists he is importing, nor around the violent criminals he has either imported or released from prison.  The judge who refused to report deport the rapist in Sweden will 

To understand Sweden as the rape capital of Europe, please see: 

Gatestone Institute

Next, to understand more about the psychology of this dangerous fear inducing ideology, see:

Nicolai Sennels and his brilliant work in attempting to help young Muslim males overcome their violent tendencies.  Whether or not you agree with his methods, all will respect his attempts and the findings from his work are stark, easy to understand, and consistently logical.  

What one believes, one will do.  

Check daily the updates at Jihad Watch and use the various links to the many others who are putting their voices together to combat the encroaching Sharia that is impacting us all.  

The Koranic rape epidemic is caused by that which the Koran prescribes its male followers to do, and by the actual belief, or dedication to the Koranic teaching and the refusal of the Western mind to oppose the Sharia blasphemy laws which would thus have them decry and punish rape.  

The silence called for by Sharia blasphemy laws mirrors the silence of the Western political leaders and its corporate media, and the deceptive damage done to statistics in order to yield to Sharia.  This is directly opposed by the human instinct of a rape victim to cry out for justice and process the damage done to the body and soul.  

Few would consider how by not supporting the "cartoon" protests which plainly state, "We will not obey Sharia blasphemy laws!" they are actually supporting koranic rape against women by emboldening Islamist young males with the affirmation of their superiority as the West cowers before them.  They so fearful of Islam that they do not dare support the drawing of a cartoon of Mohammad, leaving them all but  incapable of criticizing koranic texts prescribing rape.   

If they cannot stand with a free speech cartoon event condemning koranic silence, how will they be strong enough to stand against koranic rape? 

If foot soldiers have wearied them, how will they contend with calvary? 


To each person who has sat on the fence,  or who has not understood why the cartoon fight is so vital in stopping the spread do Sharia, but is now moved by the truth, understanding how creeping Sharia must be opposed, the following message is delivered:  

                  "Welcome to the fight."


  1. Excellent article. It is so disturbing to me that so many willingly ignore the evil that is islam. Prayers for this young woman. Thank you for writing this story.

  2. Thanks, I am aware of the extreme volume and tangents, and that there are lots of more concise, shorter understandings; it is just that this particular crime has far more consequences than most ever know and I hope this appears to careful readership.

  3. "Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don't you enslave their women?"
    Sheikh Saad al-Buraik

  4. Michael C, point well taken.

    I struggle to understand how far Sweden could bend backwards to NOT listen to Islamic leaders' own words! They won't listen to their statistics, and they won't listen to the cry of their own women, why not give a listen to Islam??


  5. I found the link to this blog on Jihad Watch. I had found the link to Jihad Watch on Statement Analysis. I am so thankful to you, Peter Hyatt, for starting this blog. I've been a silent follower at SA for a couple of years now. Once I had clicked on the link to JW (and utilizing the many other links provided there), I've been on a fast-track of educating myself on the horrors of Islamic Jihad. But I'm baffled as to why so many of my friends and family are resistant to hear about what's going on in the EU. I don't know how I can get across that this is real, and it's coming our way. They just don't want to hear it.

  6. Welcome, Kitt!

    Welcome to the fight.