Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Palestinian Israeli Conflict's Consequence to European Citizens

Citizens of Europe need to pay close attention to the crisis in Israel:

It has a direct relationship to what they will experience in the upcoming years, or perhaps, months. 

Here is how:

Israel is being bullied, by the entire world, to surrender some of its sovereign land to a small, but vocal and violent group of people who's ideology calls for Israel's utter demise.  It is not just the goofy John Kerry blaming Israel for the Palestinian knife attacks, or Russia Today editorializing that Benjamin Netanhayu, one of the free world's bravest of leaders, is responsible for the terror, but it extends far and wide, as anti-Semitic Obama casts the immense wealthy shadow over world opinion.  

The Palestinians who are violent are Muslims.  They have an ideology that comes from the Koran.  The Koran teaches them that they are superior to others, and should destroy all Jews and Israel.  Giving them land within their borders is akin to inviting death to many of its own citizens.  And, given supremacy ideology, whatever amount of land they give will not be enough.

The entire world is calling for Israel to cede land to the Islamists even though there is plenty of land in Islamic countries for the Palestinian Muslims.

Not one Islamic country will take them in.

Here in the United States, our college kids protest Israel and have lots of "Jew hate" language and symbols, though few understand what they are protesting against, other than that it is something to make them feel relevant.  It has become "hip" to hate Israel and call for a boycott of their goods, though few might be willing to cough up their psychotropic meds that come from Israel, that they take for being "stressed out" by tests, quizzes, and "feeling threatened" by the move "American Sniper" possibly be shown there.

What does this have to do with Europe?


Germany, for example, is the bully of the European Union and has stated that it will take in "all the refugees" from the Middle East and Africa and even advertised in Syrian magazines that actually offer money for Syrians to leave their homes and come to Germany.  These supremacists did, in large order, with corporate or "main stream media" reporting that "women and children" were  "fleeing Syrian war."

This, of course, was quickly rebuffed by citizens with iPhones who showed that there were very few women and children, but most all male, age 18-35 who came in wearing the latest denim, expensive shirts, smart phones and lots of cash.  Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani, and Africans all had, however, Syrian "birth certificates" purchased for about 2 grand, and demanded "faster internet", and cash.  They did not want food, clothing, or necessities:  they wanted "their salaries", or "our money" from the lower caste "kaffir" German.

The German women were, and are, "fair game for misunderstandings", which, in German political speak, is "rape."

As 800,000 were claimed, Germany was forced to admit that the number was actually higher:  more than 1.5 million, excluding wives and children.

The Islamic invasion, without a shot fired, has had more success than the Blitzkrieg invasion by the Nazis, as the Islamists have fired no shots, only threatened to, but mostly just tore down buildings, raped, assaulted and complained.

As their population has swelled, their demands have increased in strong correlation.

Back to Israel.

Israel, unlike Germany and Sweden, has thought it not wise to let in, no less, invite in, their sworn avowed enemies and are in a struggle to stop the violence. Thus far, they have not surrendered, which has only angered Barak Obama, Angela Merkel and other pro Islamist leaders.

They won't, either.

Perhaps someone needs to set the example for Israel on how to behave.

Germany has scores of "no go zones" throughout their country, as does France, UK and Sweden, where Sharia law is enforced and local police have lost control, or most control, and Europeans do not enter.  Ridiculed by Snopes, apologized for by Fox News, people still knew it to be so, as it police, fire and rescue services.  Finally, law enforcement memos, with some language changes, emerged which showed not only the existence of "no go zones" under various names, but that there were far more of these muslim enclaves of sharia sovereignty that we knew.

Germany, methinks, is going to be the first country in Europe to cede over land to the Islamists, in order to avoid more violence and threat of civil war.

It will be hailed as a marvelous example of European superiority and culture, with Sweden likely to quickly follow.

But, given the nature of Supremacy thinking, soon, the celebrations will turn to mourning, as the Islamists demand even more property, and more money and more concessions by Europe, as Iran, with its newfound wealth, a la Obama, funds greater and greater weaponry for Jihad within both Germany and Sweden, hastening Europe towards its third global war.

Right now, Sweden has all but emasculated its men, challenging nature itself, in order to make equal that which is not equal.  Sweden leads the entire Western civilization in rapes, as Muslims, in obedience to the koran, take the uncovered Swedish females, and boldly rape them with little fear of consequence.

The Swedish men are incapable of protecting their wives and daughters and to even speak against the Koranic teaching on rape is to "offend" the Muslim.

To the Swede, offending a Muslim is far worse than raping a Swede.

Thus, the Arab Spring, and the cuckoo bird's nesting means Germany becomes the cuckolded man to the Islamic baby he nurses, with the final insult from Merkel telling the Islamic man:

'German men are impotent and cannot even maintain their own race.  Come, Islamic men,  and replace our population for them.'

I cannot think of a more acute insult of a man than what Merkel told the world.

Imagine all the German hipsters, rushing to cancel manicure appointments, or missing out on their "man bun" stylist date to go and attempt to make a baby with their "significant other" co-habitor, summoning up all their courage, imbibing a touch of mead to top the day off, only to fail.

Perhaps a call to Israeli pharmaceuticals for help, if they're not part of the national boycott.

It is difficult to explain to the Islamist how it is that he is not supreme over the European man  in this particular setting.


  1. it was a good article up until the point that you insinuated that Muslim men are more manly and better "men" than German ones. maybe you need to read up on what Muslim men do to women and for what reasons they will kill a woman, and decide if that makes Muslim "men" truly real "men" worthy of admiration or praise.

  2. There are men in Germany meeting weekly as nationalists who love their country and are fighting. It is the hipsters that are still out with welcome signs to the invaders. The press is using propaganda and false flags to kill the movement, but they are fighting and are in the minority, with citizen journalists getting the word out, circumventing the corporate media who conspired with Germany in lies.

    I love Germany and have long respected so much of their culture that it grieves me to see it destroyed by the supremacist ideology that they have invited in.