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The Peripheral Suffering of Madness

Those who pose a risk to themselves or others can, in some locales, be held against their will for up to 48 hours while professional intervention, usually with the signatures of at least two psychiatrists, seeks to discern the level of risk.

In Calais, a small snap shot has been given of what it is like to be a blue-collar worker who drives a truck for a living.

Please note that many of these men do not "drive a truck for a living" but are "truck drivers"; they do it because they feel it is within them, and part of them, and even helps identify them.

These are those who spend many hours alone, in high levels of concentration and often sleep in their cabs.

Driving, itself, is exhausting due to the level of concentration it takes to remain safe.  How natural is it for a human being to go 70 mph surrounded by steel, and others going just as fast?

Yet, truck drivers love it so much that their language often reveals it, as even idioms or metaphors "have their wheels on the ground"; that is, they employ speech that often has strong connective elements to it.

They become music critics, experts as tourists guides, and provide their nations with goods including fresh vegetables to locals where, for many months, no such product is available. They are indispensable for us.

In Calais, migrants, running up to 90% young males, aged 18-35, have descended because they were told by European advertisements and word of mouth:  "We will give you free money, free apartments, free health care, free phones, and so on, if you come here."

To the Islamic mind, this is a fulfillment of everything they have been taught from the Koran and from their fathers.  This is the message that Europe has sent to the Islamic male:

"Do you see?  You are superior to the European and here, the European bows to you, taking money from his own labor, and awarding it to you, in exchange for you being present.  All you  must do is maintain a pulse, and you will be honored with the fruits of their labor.  Allah has seen to lift the dimming of their eyes, and they understand, now, you are their superior and they bow to you with the jizrah, with you do not have to demand; they do it willingly and without jihad.  All praise be to Allah and Mohammad, his messenger."

This is the message of confirmation from the Messianic Merkels of Sweden, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.  Only Hungary has opposed the suicidal ideology of the European Union and for this, they are "Nazis" and their president is "Hitler."

In Calais, the migrants have created chaotic violence in order to make their way to the United Kingdom where their "just desserts" await them, but the UK is, like the others, not only running out of Jizrah, but running into their citizens as victims of the natural supremacist violence.

From the perspective of truck drivers, what is this like?

In Calais, at any time, a truck can, and is, stopped by scores of migrants who will attack the driver and seek to commandeer the truck.  Once stolen, it can hold up 50 or 60 of these angry supremacist minded strong young males who wish to make their way to the UK.

What is this like for the driver, himself?

A recent interview with a truck driver's union official brought this tragedy home.  Note the compassion of his words in the interview, as he looks through the eyes of a single driver, and what this fearful attack must be like.  There were things in this article that shocked me.

Sean Beatson of the United Road Transport Union, from Dover, said that his members are anxious and effected by migrant deaths at the Channel Tunnel entrance. Their anxiety is caused by the increasingly audacious and dangerous attempts to board their lorries.

“It is not a pleasant thing to be sat in a cab with people running every which way – under the trains, over them and even on them, inches from a 25,000 volt overhead catenary,” he told the Dover Express, which described the daily ordeal as “migrant terror”.

As well as the emotional trauma, truckers face a £2000 fine for every migrant that makes it into the UK aboard their vehicle. He said:

“Do you think you could see the whites of another human’s eyes seconds before running into them? I don’t know if I could. I don’t know how it would affect me and I don’t want to find out.
“Believe me, I have had bigger men than me crying like babies at simple disciplinary hearings, never mind taking the lives of someone’s mother, father, son or daughter.
“These events can affect someone for the rest of their lives – some being unable to return to driving, thereby running a career, not to mention the stresses this brings on their relationships and home life.

Mr. Beatson said that he fears there will redundancies in the industry and a wider impact on the local economy will follow. He added: “All I want to do is to come to work, do my bit and get home to my family safely with my sanity and pride. This is becoming more and more difficult as the days go by.”

Dozens of migrants have been killed in Calais; the latest just last night, when attempting to board a freight train.

Little has changed since Theresa May, the Home Secretary, promised to alleviate the situation by sending expensive new fencing to the port. The French have also provided additional border staff and new lighting has been installed.
The new fencing, however, has been repeatedly breached by the migrants, including during a mass invasion organised by British “open borders” activists two week ago.

(end of article).

I was shocked to learn that drivers would face fines, let alone such an extreme amount, for each migrant.  $2000 euro for each migrant?  

I was shocked and saddened to read of those who assisted the Islamic invaders under the guise of being "activists" for "open borders."

Each day we learn of a new extremist being given a "lesson" is supremacist thinking, such as the activist who was helping these young men, of whom she trusted, instinctively, because of her noble gestures towards her. 

She did not believe the ideology of supremacist thinking, nor the teaching of the koran about her being a "kaffir" and a female, meaning, she was fair game for rape. 

They raped her. 

They raped her.

I have long worked with victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse, and it has impacted my own family. 

With all the years of experience and research and analysis, I am able to instruct law enforcement as well as social and medical professionals, in how to analyze the statements of victims in order to discern truth from deception, but more pressing: 

How to discern truth from perseveration of a past event from within the language.  

In order words, "Did this sexual assault happen?" is not the most pressing question.  Basic instruction in statement analysis can discern between assault and consent, but,

"Did this happen when claimed, and by those claimed, or is the victim perseverating from an assault of many years ago?"

This takes an entire separate study, itself. 

Post Trauma issues will impact a victim of sexual assault for the rest of her life, and will impact each and every person who loves her, and even those who are merely associated with her.  

Few will ever know how deep this life sentence of suffering really is.  

What happened to this rape victim?

Her "open border" activists friends attempted to coerce her into silence.  This is the single most damaging element post assault:  the silencing of a victim.  This is where the brain is not permitted to process the information , thus increasing the suffering for the rest of her life.  It is the reason why "communicative language" is the most predominant factor in analyzing statements of adult victims from childhood sexual abuse.  

After a month of silence, she finally came forward.  

No one knows what future suffering could have been mitigated has she been able to "speak" the day of the assault.

Recall what our soldiers were like who returned from the Pacific War with Japan; those 10% regulars who engaged in close quarter, hand to hand combat with Japanese soldiers who, themselves, were hardened into animal like behavior, by the violence of their own superior officers' "supremacy" thinking. 

Their suffering was best seen as it played out in the lives of their loved ones, particularly since our government did understand PTSD and trauma far more than it portrayed, including its handshakes with Hollywood.  We were given but a hint of it during the 40's, with "The Best Years of Ours Lives" coming after the War, while heavy editing and redaction was done of actual footage for "morale" issues. 

My father had nightmares from 1945 until his death because he was not simply on board escort destroyers during Kamikaze frenzy, but he was a signalman who could not abandon his post during a raid.

How this impacted his wife and his ten children is a gut-wrenching and sad account for another day, but even without combat, post trauma suffering, as a result of heightened elevation of hormones to the brain, is something that we do not know enough of.

I have never driven over a human being with a vehicle, and the quotes here remind me of how fortunate I am to drive in a mostly rural area, especially when I complain about the culture of slow driving after being raised in New York.  I ought to be more thankful. 

Consider the suffering of these drivers and the impact that Sean Beatson only touched upon:  

What does this sudden invasion of 20, 30 or even 50 young, angry, determined males, who believe themselves "cheated" out of their "due wealth", do to a man, alone in his cab, who, if he takes defensive action is going to be labeled not only a criminal, but a "racist", "hate monger", "Islamophobe" and a "Nazi"?

Forget the 2K euro fine ($2,269 US), for each migrant who hangs on top of his truck and makes it in, and the damage this would do to his family's own security, but what of seeing one electrocuted before his eyes?

What of seeing one fall to his death or serious injury?

What of running one over, in a moment where the "fight or flight" hormone kicks in, and the fear of being imprisoned for defending himself and his company's property, causes him, in less than a second of time, to hit the gas peddle to free himself from the attack, inadvertently, killing a "impoverished war refugee with the "right" of asylum"?

It matters not if the migrant has forged Syrian birth certificate, is Islamist, Christian, or an atheist:  he is a human being who has just lost his life, even if it is his own fault: 

It may haunt, impact, or even ruin, not only the career of the driver, but the life of the driver. 

Trauma does this.  

When a woman is surrounded by male rapists, who are often described as "animals" by victims, who are then condemned by the politically correct speech elitists, as "racist" for using the appropriate terminology for rapists, she will either freeze or fight. 

This instant reaction has a measured consequence, not as to if she will suffer or not, but of some mitigation of the life long suffering:  as humans, we have our brains "move forward" when we fight, and it appears that the suffering is even worse when we freeze.

What if the driver, who knows his route is through Calias, suffers anxiety for the days or weeks before his scheduled route?  What if he has less sleep because of it?

This could impact his navigation skills and concentration levels. 

It may then impact his reasoned reaction when attacked by the supremacists.  

Supremacism is not only taught in the koran, but it is taught from childhood on up, generation by generation, who are also encouraged to marry first cousins.  We now have the highest percentage of "special needs" children in the world, along with the lowest of IQs, combining with the opportunity for these young males to finally feel respected and "realize the truth of their supremacy" through Europe's offer of free money. 

Of course, Europe has denied that money is an incentive for migrants, though yesterday, Germany said that they are going to change cash bonuses for food stamps to lessen the incentive for migrants. 

Migrants are inspired by cash to come to Europe, but Europe is going to lessen the cash to lessen the inspiration that does not exist.  

This is the peripheral suffering that madness and self-loathing, destructive policies bring and the young people who were not taught critical thinking in their government schools now exhibit for the rest of us. 

In Germany, one of the celebrity like activists was surrounded by 6 or so Islamicst supremacists who took out knives and stabbed him repeatedly. 

In France, a charity has stopped delivering food and clothing to the migrants who have not only attacked and insulted them, but have burned the food and clothing with one on camera explaining why:

The food is not even good enough for a dog.  It is only good enough for a woman, but not a dog, and certainly not a man. 

Citizens put up videos faster than You Tube can take them down.

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