Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Third European World War

Moral Supremacist Angela Merkel 

Islam teaches that its adherers are supreme to their fellow man.  This is a basic tenant of an ideology that ignores nature's many inequalities within creation.

Jonathan Edwards called it, "The anti-christ of the East", in that people turned to Islam for eternal salvation.  Winston Churchill identified it as a political and military system, wrapped in a religion.

Few in the West seem to grasp what "supremacy" really means.  We have seen images of "White supremacists" gathering for KKK like rallies and, for the most part, chuckle and dismiss it as the small fringe that it is.  When 10 or 20  gather, thinking that the Confederate flag supports their racism, it is often portrayed in the main-stream media (MSM) as epidemic and frightening, much like Barak Obama likes to link "Christians and their guns" together to deflect from Islamic violence and insult Christianity whenever and wherever he may.

Number of dead across the world at the hands of white supremacists per year?  Maybe 4.
Number of dead across the world at the hands of Christian suicide bombers.  0
Number of dead across the world at the hands of Islamic jihadists?   On average, close to 20,000.

The number of those killed by white supremacists and Christians is about the same number of those who claimed to have been visited by Elvis.  In other words, Barak Obama is lying, which is permitted in Islam if it furthers the cause of Islam.  

Islam has consistently brought death for 1400 years, and is a death culture.  There can be no "reformation" in Islam because the sacred teaching, itself, calls for death of kaffirs, or "infidels."  To "reform" Islam would be for a Muslim to say, "Allah did not write the Koran."

It will not happen.  It is a religion of coercion, while Judaism and Christianity, the world's two other major religions, are religions of persuasion, that is, to use of reason, kindness, good works, and the elevation of culture are its core.

Islam is a "static" religion; that is, one that resists change and denigrates progress itself.

But what of supremacy?

This is the basic ideology of Islam that the United States, with its subjective understanding of supremacy through the tiny and backwards, but overhyped white supremacy groups, does not understand, and is something Europeans are largely blind to, as they, themselves, suffer from it.

The Bible is often quoted in reference to ego with Pride leading to a Fall.  The comeuppance we often feel due to people does, in fact, often happen in spectacular display.

What we are seeing in Europe is a society of blindness, boasting of its keen vision, racing towards a cliff, ridiculing each warning call it receives.

Immigrant posing with stolen German property unafraid of police 
Who really is supreme in Europe?

Is it the Mohammedans, that is, the followers of Mohammad, without regard to any particular race, or is it the Europeans, particularly, Germany's Angela Merkel, using a Christian veneer to masquerade her own supremacy, and Sweden, using its own religion of state, as it seeks to usurp itself as divine?

Sweden says that they are not religious.  Everyone is religious.  One's final arbitrator is, in fact, their 'god.' We are religious creatures, by nature and socialism points to its "god" as the state, believing that government provides the final authoritative answer, which is comical, as we consider the very nature of short term, self centered elections and how politics is about perception, and not results.  They pass laws that feel good, but do not accomplish good.  A politician wishes to be reelected so he opens the borders knowing that criminals will flood the country, but the appearance of being a sympathetic human being gives him four more years of power. In a very real sense, he trades away a nation for 4 years.  4 years.  This is what socialists and leftist believe in:  someone driven, not only by self interest, but incredibly short-sighted self interest, will best tell us how to live, raise our children, and run our lives.  

It is as insane as it sounds.  The voters know that said politician will not live in a town anywhere near where the criminal immigrants will live but vote him in, just the same.  

Will Europe Fight a Civl War?  Any war in Europe will, by nature, become a World War, but can it be avoided, or is it inevitable.  To come to a conclusion, we must break down components into smaller, lesser complex portions, examine them, and put them back together again for a larger picture.  

I.  Supremacy of Islam
II. Supremacy of European Elitism 
III.  The Consequences of The Two Supremacists Colliding.  

I.  Supremacy of Islam 

With a billion people thinking they are superior to all others, think of how this works itself out, nation by nation, city by city, town by town, house by house, parents to children, children to each other, and their neighbor. 

Supremacy of Islam has met the egalitarianism of Europe.  The clash is not between wrong and right, but wrong and a defiance of reality. 

The man is told by the Koran that he is supreme to his wife and he is told to use physical abuse to control her and exert his supremacy. 

The children grow up with domestic violence as its norm. 

Children, even in the crib, experience fear when, for example, their mother is assaulted.  A child will have the same hormonal rush that humans experience, with an exception:  the child does not have the reasoning ability to cause the fight/flight hormones to quickly recede, therefore, powerful imprints are left upon the brain.  This is where post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms are seen in adults who were raised in violent homes. 

For Muslims, it is the norm. 

I ask people to think of a time when they were almost in a car accident.  They squeezed the steering wheel and had a hormonal rush that heightened their senses tremendously.  As they caught their breath, they reasoned within themselves, "I am okay.  The car skidded and I am alive" causing the hormone levels in the brain to quickly recede.  Cortisol, as one such, is needed to "fight or take flight" but when it remains elevated beyond this quick period of time, damage to the brain is done.  Children, even babies in the nursery, have no reasoning power to bring the cortisol down quickly, thus, we are learning more and more how early exposure to domestic violence causes damage to the brain that may, later in life, lead to a myriad of problems for the victim, ranging from hyper vigilance, nightmares and depression, to self loathing, to outright aggression against others.  

In Islam, the father is superior to the mother and evidences his supremacy through violence. The children both take note. 
The boy is superior to his sister, and uses his stronger physical body, not to protect weakness (masculinity) but to exploit it. 
Islam, contrary to popular opinion, is an emasculated religion and an emasculated culture.  Masculinity sacrifices strength, rather than exploit weakness.  

The "kaffir" is the infidel to be exploited.  If he refuses to convert, he may live but only through extortion or the Islamic "tax" to be paid.  This is taught, also, from childhood and is part of the very nature of the Mohammedan.  

This is why the Islamic migrants into Europe demand cash money.  They presuppose that they are owed it, not for past wrongs as Obama attempts to explain, but because of their inherent superiority over the European.  The color of the skin is immaterial.  

Shocked volunteers watched as Muslims burned food, and tore out clothing, while demanding money, air conditioning, and faster internet access. Those who pillage take "selfies" and boldly post them showing their superiority over the European, by displaying the stolen items. Recall the volunteer who was raped, only to be coerced by other volunteers, into silence.  This, too, as you will see, is logical and predictable.  

Recently uncovered documents showed that while Merkel was boasting of saving the migrants from war, and embracing Islam into German culture  to the tune of 500,000 new immigrants, the real number was 1,500,000, which is then quickly multiplied by the family importation.  This puts the number at 6,000,000 Mohammedans in just one year's time and its aftermath.  

Then, the demographics of older Germans, taught that the earth was being overpopulated so they stopped having children, were to be supported by young Muslims, who were not having 1.2 children per family, but 5.2 children.  

The Germans deluded themselves into believing that the supremacists demanding free money from them would, in just 20 years, abandon their childhood teaching and religion, and support the older Germans, from whom they have stolen. 

The Mohammedans will not support the German kaffirs in their retirement.  Merkel, childless, and with enough money to retire comfortably, will not live among those who embrace her as "mama Merkel."  She would be shocked by what would happen to her should she stroll down the block of a Muslim neighborhood, one night alone, without wearing the covering.  She would quickly learn what the Koran teaches about Muslim deception, and what the Koran teaches about kaffir women.  More no this, however, to come. 

What will the Muslim generation of 20 year olds do, in 20 years, as 40 year olds living in Germany when the German elderly are in need of crucial health care?

They will  stare at the German, with both bewilderment and content, wondering how a people can be this stupid, and with the same  passivity that invades all of their thinking, do nothing to help the aged German but say, "it is the will of Allah that they suffer for their sins."

At the mosques built with German money, off the backs of German tax payers, their Imans will say:  

"Allah has seen fit to punish the kaffir before our eyes."

Muslims do not open food ministries or other charities, with any consistency, unless it is a front (CAIR) for terrorism.  

Question:  Why do Muslims kill each other?

Answer:  Supremacy

With the psychology of supremacy, Mohammad A believes he is superior to Hans in Germany, so he threatens and exploits him.  When they argue, Mohammad A verbally taunts Hans, who, in Christian tradition of turning the other cheek, walks away.  The supremacist sees this as weakness, an attacks. 

"You shall swim in the river of a thousand bloods" is the hyperbole that the Muslim mind thinks is "masculinity."  When the insult is not returned, the Muslim mind sees this as weakness. 

But what of supremacy and natural inequality that exists in the world?  Some people are smarter than others, and some work harder than others.  

Mohammad A. sees that Hans has a nicer house than himself.  This cannot be because Allah says that Mohammad A. is superior to Hans; therefore, he takes away, by force, or even Hans' national laws, what belongs to Hans.  

The fascinating study of Muslim population and violence shows this very pattern. 

The supremacist sees the supremacy of other cultures and must tear it down to make the Koran correct.  This is why monuments are torn down and why it is a matter of time before the Eiffel tower is attacked. 

When a country is 100% Muslim, Mohammad A. sees himself as superior to Mohammad B. next door.  When B gets a raise, it infuriates A, so he attacks. He must.  The supremacist ideology demands it.  It just gets worse when it deals with the "infidel."

                        "Ishmael is a wild man, who's hand is against every man."

This is the nature of supremacy;  it creates a very powerful status that unites and empowers them and it is due to nature, itself.  

There are those that are simply stronger than others, more talented than others, smarter than others, taller than others, and so on.  But for the "supremacist" to come upon someone else who is more successful, or more talented, than the supremacist himself, there must be an excuse found for the lack of supremacy over the infidel.  This creates a lethal psychological weapon that is operating among us today, in a powerful realm:  

Collective Victim Status. 

As the migrants enter Germany, they see the obvious wealth around them.  This cannot be abided because of the supremacy psychology and can only be explained one way:

The kaffir Germans must have gotten this through fraud of us, the supreme people. A few re-written history books taught alongside the Koran and you have an entire mass of people in Collective Victim Status" burning with "righteous rage" and a desire to "settle the score."  

We hear Obama actually quote this in telling us some of the same history lies taught in Islamic countries;  that they are poor, not due to their death culture and static religion that resists progress, but because of the Crusades. 

The Collective Victim Status makes a powerful, mob mentality that if left unchecked can only lead to civil war.  

Either Europe will submit and pay the jizrah which is owed, by virtue of Islamics being created supreme, or Europe must drive out the millions of supremacists they not only imported, but paid to invade, and protected at the cost of their own citizens. 

In other words, Europe not only invited those of an ideology of sworn enemies, but paid for them to come, paid for them to not work, and turned away justice so the supremacists could take over. 


                       "Rape, rape!  It's just a shot away!  It's just a shot away!"

Sweden emasculated its men. 

II.  European Supremacy

Europe's greatest progress came through Christianity, and when that became corrupt, the Reformation hit.  This  gave the world the "Protestant Work Ethic" and the "dressing and keeping" of the earth, in new and marvelous ways, including arts, music, architecture, and so on.  Marvelous advancements came from this Judaeo Christian ethic, with those who did not hold to its beliefs still benefiting from the imbedding of "thou shalt not" in society.  I'd rather live next to some man who was taught "thou shalt not steal" than live next door to someone who was taught from childhood that he is my superior and anything I have that he does not have, I must have stolen from him. 

The number of Nobel prizes, alone, even for the tiny amount of Jews, overshadowed the billion people of Islam which could produce little that the world could honor and celebrate.  The best explanations of this can be found elsewhere, including Nicolai Sennels work here. I urge the reader to move through his articles.  

When Europe drove out its best and brightest Christians, they came to the new land, and the brilliant minds landed quite often in Virginia, which would eventually lead to the greatest nation the world had ever seen.  A people once starving to survive a winter dreamed of a day when they would actually export food to the world.

Ever notice that any time a crisis hits this world that Americans give money for food and clothing, faster and in greater amounts, without any government coercion, than anyone else in the world?

As Europe moved away from its Christian heritage, what is the first thing they said about Hungary's memory of Islamic terror in their land?  "Nazi!"

"Nazi" is a term which should now call our attention to bigotry.  As soon as someone is called a "Nazi", we should consider that he has likely stood up to the tyranny of the European elite. 

The European Supremacy was that they were so proud of their culture that they felt that by simply having Islamists living next door to them, the Islamist would quickly abandon the Islam ideology that calls for the death and conquest of Europe, and "integrate" into the new "glory" of Europe, with its crown jewel being, not the glory of Christ, but the glory of the state, with its new high priest:


Multiculturalism is without discrimination.  It says that multiple cultures are superior by virtue of being more than one. It is as silly as this sentence sounds.  

It is no different than going to an expensive restaurant because the chef there is considered the world's greatest. 

He will take a pot of water and heat it up and then dump in, without any discrimination whatsoever, all spices and then serve it. 

The vomiting of the patrons will mirror the vomiting out of the violence that multiple cultures have brought in. 

Not only did these self-ordained "gods" of Europe import "multiple" cultures, but they import a singular  vein in the multiple cultures:

One who's ideology is to destroy them.  

They then emasculated their own men through laws of "egalitarianism", under the guise of "equal rights", denying the natural differences between genders, just as they denied the natural differences in cultures. Everything is about feelings and everyone is offended by everything.  

Islamic culture believes, from the Koran, that a woman is worth only 1/2 the value of a man.  

Then, if this woman is "kaffir", she is deemed a "whore" and the koran teaches the kaffir woman can be raped. 

So, when Sweden, which imposed laws to emasculate their men, imported males with the ideology that allows for the rape of non Muslim women, what happened?

They raped Sweden's women

What did the Swedish elite do in response to the Swedish rape epidemic?

They lied. 

They tried to change the statistics by wiping off references to Islam in crimes. 

Yet, such a small percentage of its population was committing the majority of crimes against women.  

Question:  How could 5% of a population occupy 80% of its prisons?

Answer:  its the ideology, stupid. 

I now urge the reader here to read:  Sweden, the Rape Capital of the West

The European elitist was so "superior" that they believed that just being in their presence would be enough to rip out 1400 years of consistency in in-breeding, birth defects, violence, rape and a belief that any lack within themselves must be due to exploitation by the Swede, therefore, "justice" is to be had. 

Europeans created "hate law legislation" as part of their 'religion' within their own messianic nature.  They are not only godlike in their unlimited wealth, they have their own 'bible' or 'word' to spread.  Part of their religious belief is attack on freedom of speech.  

If you say anything that can cause violence, it is "hate speech."

The "inferior" Islamist said, "thank you very much" and then threatened violence against anything they wished, thus, increasing the scope of the "hate speech" to include most anything they find insulting. To learn about how Sharia blasphemy laws have de facto authority in the United States, take a look at the works of Robert Spencer.  His Jihad Watch is updated as jihad unfolds, which, you will learn, can average 4-6 times per day.  

Another source is the Gates of Vienna which can help further your understanding of just how history is breaking, almost hourly, before our very eyes.  

Nickelsdorf:  trash is a result of static belief, with no beautification 

Swedish men are unarmed and helpless.  Instead of seeing Islamic rape, the Swedes gave Swedish status to, for example, a second generation Mohammedan so that as the 2nd generation of rapists raped, they would not be counted as Islamists.  This damaged the statistics but did not save Swedish women.  When a judge refused to deport a rapist to Africa, he mused that African women would be in danger if he were to deport said rapist, without a care to protect his own.  The once silly "one world government conspiracy theory" cries feel oddly cold, now, when we hear of such things, or of Saudi Arabia, the beheading capital of the world leading the United Nations in "human rights."  

Yet even with this reduced statistics, it is still an epidemic.  It is the most dangerous place in the world for a woman, outside of Africa, with most African nations actually safer than Sweden for a woman.  

Swedish men are unarmed while Islamists have AK 47, hand grenades, and in some cities, average 1 "carbecue" per day in some areas.  

Should the Swedish man stand up for his wife or daughter, he is labeled a "racist" and may lose his job, his social standing and his living. Even his elderly mother will receive less retirement benefits than Mohammad B's mother, who upon entering the country, paid not a shekel in taxes. 

Eastern counties, like Hungary, may turn to Russia for protection.
Europe believes it is god, and god has no end of wealth.  This is why Greece will always be bailed out until the money literally runs out, is reprinted, over and over, until it is worthless.

George Washington was just one of the few who said, "Stay out of Europe's disputes."

Did thousands of American soldiers die in France to see it handed over to the Islamists, who's ideology is worse than the Nazis?  

Sweden's false religion is no different than Europe's and is such that you might consider a holocaust museum to be a sign of support for Jews, until you learn that no Jews are employed there, nor go there, for fear of their lives, as Islamic hatred of Jews is pathological, and core element of their religion.  To the Muslim, one of the greatest successes would be to destroy Jews, which is why we see the increase in anti-semitism explode in Europe, commensurate to Islamic immigration.  

III.  The Consequences

With the powerful Collective Victim Status, where Muslims make up a small percentage of the population, the trouble they cause politicians with the threats of violence allows them to assert a great deal of influence. "We are superior and they have what they have because they stole from us.  We are the victims and we are united and we are owed..."

When America was building, immigrants came, legally, and were not paid to do so.  They came in to be American.  

My own family roots came from Ireland. My mother spoke of "Irish Need Not Apply" signs and when I asked her why it was this way, she surprisingly said that people living here did not want the Irish because many were quite different than they were. 



I pressed her for meaning.  Were we part of the "Irish Need Not Apply" in New York victims of discrimination and xenophobia?  Did they have irrational fear of my family?  

My mother said that "many of us were as described; drunk and fighting.  It was something our people picked up in the great potato famine and people here did not like it.  We were "shanty" and we, as a people, had to work hard to be accepted."

My mother was proud of her Irish heritage and used to say things like, "When people ask why the Irish fight among themselves, tell them that the Irish only fight among themselves when they cannot find a worthy opponent."  We laughed and enjoyed her piano playing and Irish folk songs about whiskey and travels "leveling" someone, as well as the stories of marvelous Irish hospitality, but there was a dark side, as well.  

Both of my parents did what they could to protect us, ten children in all, from the culture we had come from:  one of drunken violence that was funny in song, but would cause my father to leave the room when too much laughter came.  

My mother  did what she could to throw off the reckless drunken brawling reputation, she said, that her family well earned, by greatly limiting alcohol in our home.  

I did not learn until just recently that my grandfather was in Sing-Sing, and that he died with a police bullet still in his body, or that I had uncles who died in street brawls, and that alcohol was the driving force behind the violence. These were things my parents kept from us, fearful that we would, as boys, think these were things to be proud of in our culture, as my mother's own brothers were.  

What did the Irish immigrants do?

The Irish assimilated.  

Next door to me while growing up, was Italian immigrants.  They learned English as quickly as they could, and worked their tails off in making their own landscaping company.  The Italians assimilated and we watched, first hand, what this looked like.  It was a wonderful experience and they loved America and proudly displayed the American flag on July 4th, 1976.  It was a fun time to be a kid in America.  

Of these immigrants, welfare was culturally unacceptable, as evidenced by the immigration of Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 

In the early 80's, I worked near violent protests in Kew Gardens, NY, where Koreans worked 18 hours a day in grocery stores, as a people highly insulted by welfare used hard work as a weapon to make it in America.  They did not want to create a new Korea, they wanted to be Americans. 

Today, welfare has utterly drained out any chance for real wealth, as its sapped drive and initiative and has become generational.

In Europe, the migrants refuse to work as it is "insulting" and they see it as a punishment. Even third generation immigrants, for example, from Pakistan living in the UK say, "We are Pakistani and not British."

This is the same of Muslim immigrants in Sweden, France, and Germany.  They are open, for example, when they say, "We are not German.  We are Iranian.  We will never be German."

They are truthful when they say, "Sharia for Belgium" and "Democracy and Sharia are incompatiable.  You have laws by the people, but we have laws by Allah." The Muslims in the US, however, are deceptive, using "CAIR" and other terrorist groups to propagate lies while seeking to establish what they believe is rightfully theirs.  

See it from their perspective:  they, the superior, must work for the Europeans, who are the inferior kaffirs? Not a chance.  

This is why even injured Muslims refuse to be treated by female doctors.  

The consequences:

A.  Bankrupt Municipalities
B.  Crime
C.  Hostility

Which leads to war. 

Civil War. 

A.  Bankrupt Municipalities

As welfare pours into the migrants and generations of them utterly refuse to assimilate and work, and Germany continues, for example, to pay out welfare benefits for multiple wives and children, and the first cousin marriages continue, they will be unable to bear up the special needs children that overrun the system.  The health care standards of the European is much higher than the Muslim, who are satisfied with passivity of, "Allah has dimmer my daughter's eyes" while Europeans are paying for expensive eye surgery, the economies will, in small municipality after municipality, collapse from the weight. 

Schools are brought down, even when just one or two Muslim children are present and unable to keep up because egalitarianism demands "no child left behind" means that since we cannot get the two Muslim children up to score, we must bring the other 27 down, so the standard is lowered to justify the final grades. 

This is just like the Koran teaching that when a Muslim enters a new land, the ruins there prove Allah's displeasure.  When there are no ruins, the beauty must be destroyed in order to make the Koran correct. 

Rather than have 2 children have failing scores, with 27 passing, we must lower the standard so "all pass" to make it "fair for everyone."  Like the politician who said, "if there are two applicants and one is named Mohammad, Mohammad gets the job", so it is that educational standards will go the way of crime statistics:  bent to fit the narrative; truth be damned. 

As the economy falters, Muslim demands increase.  Since they are superior, when sacrifices must be made, they will threaten violence over any cuts directed towards them, scream "Islamophobia" and discrimination.  Any politician who stands up to the Muslim will be called "Nazi" and "racist."

Let's say it reaches the breaking point--truly, the breaking point and there is no where for the small town to borrow money and the welfare electronic cards will have no euros on it this week.

B.  Crime

One way of "getting what is ours" is to resort to crime via clans.  

Migrants have to be separated, group by group, as supremacy thinking causes them to turn, one on another.  This is the natural outworking of supremacy thinking.  But when some do unite, such as along in-bred family lines (clans), they then use the tools of prostitution and drug sales to build empires.  A recent report stated that 11 family clans of these supremacists are controlling all the underground businesses in Berlin.  The "no go zones" are far more than main stream media has reported (or apologized for) and are more than just sharia zones;  they are highly organized criminal zones and they are beyond the control of European policing.  Yet, the welfare money continues to pour into these zones, and in spite of having extremely strict gun laws, powerful weapons do as well. These criminal areas are so powerful that one small city in Europe has provided more ISIS fighters than came from the entire United States.  

In a smaller picture, look at the temporary settings of migrants.  Not only did they quickly organize into criminal behavior, we learned that it only costs $10 euro to have one of their prostitutes.  This took less than a summer to organize into violent criminals.  

One migrant protested his fellow migrants and tore a page from the Koran.  What was the group response?

They tried to lynch him. 

Think about that for a moment:  in order to lynch him they had to be utterly unafraid of consequences from the host country.  

If the migrants tore down school buildings to protest slow internet, what do you think they will do when the money is cut, on the very first day of the cut?

Use what we know to predict.  

The unarmed German or Swedish citizens will have their properties entered and their food stolen and their women and children raped.  

The Greek Island of Lesbos got a hint of what could happen when they saw the invaders wearing expensive life jackets, expensive clothes, high tech smart phones, take out knives, and cut holes in their rafts.  

They did not arrive in Europe poor, frightened, and fleeing war?

In fact, some counts show 90% were males, age 18-30. 

Apparently, none of them thought their countries, women and children were worth fighting and dying for, yet Merkel seized the spotlight for her own moral "supremacy" and boasted that she would take more, and make other European countries do the same.  

Here is another thought for Western minds to ponder:  

What happens when we face a tragedy?

I can think of great tragedies but it is hard to compare anything to me, my wife and children forced to leave the comfort of our home and our land, to run for our lives, to another country.  

In times of tragedy, people pull together. 

When going to the hospital to visit one dying, we hug one another, and comfort one another.  In survivalist times, people share food, clothing, and pull together.  

Tragedy has a way of uniting us for a common cause.  

In Islamic thinking, it is not so. 

When food was delivered for hungry migrants, video showed Muslims already living there for years, descend upon the streets and steal the food for themselves.  

The migrants turn on each other with viciousness and even come to violence over perceived small slights, such as cutting ahead of one in line.  For this, "you must die 1,000 deaths and must suffer the pain of..." and on and on the violent hyperbole goes. 

Western mind has a tragedy and thinks:  "After 9/11, baseball was canceled and athletes worked at Ground Zero.  People donated millions of dollars after Hurricane Sandy.  Americans "adopt" children from the Sudan, with monthly payments.  In New Orleans, citizens pulled together to rebuild homes..." and on it goes.  

This is not Islamic thinking.  It has no understanding of this and it has nothing but contempt for those who are involved in it.  

They mock Merkel when she seeks to use Christianity as her reasoning.  Christianity does not teach inviting your enemy into your home to rape your wife and daughter.  It teaches armed resistance.  Recall the British were infuriated by the American clergymen who often refused status of "chaplain" instead opting for leading parishioners with arms, to the point where they labeled the American War for Independence, "the War of the Presbyterians."

Tragedy pulls us together, while the supremacist thinking must, by nature, tear itself apart by its roots.  

C.  Violence spreads.

The German state will then be forced to deploy troops to protect the first small, broke town that is ravaged by the Islamic horde.  

With their compliant media, will they have the stomach to protect their own citizens?

If we use what has happened thus far to make a prediction, the answer is that they will do the minimal to protect their own citizens, and will prosecute only a handful of violent criminals, which will have the impact that it always has:

As they seek to pacify their own people's anger and fear, they will only emboldened the supremacist who will now:

Spread the violence. 

Town after town, the violence will spread like wild fire until it hits its first city.  Even though the suburbs of Paris, for example, are still making the "tax", that is, the welfare payments, Islam needs little excuse to go "jihad" since, after all, it is a critical duty of Islam, and Paris will see violence in a way that even the Nazis would not involve in, and the ever hated symbols of European "supremacy", or as they see it, "blasphemy and idolatry against Allah", will be targeted, including the Eiffel Tower and other areas of beauty. 

How will the French react, with the whole world watching, live, on BBC, with its propagandist slant?

Those in power who will make decisions on "measured responses" will be those who will be either reelected or thrown out of office based upon perception. 

The measured response will embolden Islamists in Sweden.  

The now emasculated Sweden will have to consider the next step

Measured Surrender, or the German name, "The Merkel Doctrine."  

This is the pause just before civil war begins in earnest, and this pause may last for several years, but it is only a pause, as supremacist ideology is never satisfied and never without enemies, because the world was created without egalitarianism built into it.  There will always be someone who has more talent than someone else.  

The "Measured Surrender"  or "Merkel Doctrine" will be the worst appeasement Europe could imagine, well beyond what happened with Hitler and Chamberlain.  The "measured surrender" will not be called this, but something else, as Europe has grown clever in euphemisms.  

Question:  What does a German school official call it when a Muslim rapes a German girl?

Answer:  A misunderstanding. 

I could do an entire article on Euro-redefining of terms, including what I have learned from Yahoo News and the BBC who taught me that Oktoberfest is a German celebration where German people vomit on the sidewalk, while Muslims, quietly meditating as they walk down the street, contemplate why they find assimilation difficult.  I learned that anyone who does not want Muslim immigration has irrational fear of foreigners and foreign objects, as well as has an irrational fear of an ideology that wants to kill them. 

A symbol that stands as an insult to allah and the koran that must be brought down

This new "Islamic-European Peace Agreement" will be hailed as a "righting of wrongs" or "reparations for the Crusades", and praise the "magnanimous spirit of Europe" and will be used to coerce Israel into the same. 

It will be celebrated with parades, victory marches, political speeches and even an official European "holiday" that will be described as the "ultimate example of European congeniality and humanity" the world has ever seen. The protests that some Islamic countries will make will be played down by media, and just like today, we will have to rely upon cell phone video and illegal internet to get the truth out.  

Germany, France and Sweden will each cede sovereign territory to Islamists and allow for this small geographical area to exist as an independent nationality, replete with "friendly relations" and "respect for Sharia traditions" along with promises of "free trade" and "open communication" among "trusted friends and neighbors."

It will come as a result of all the years of pushing Israel into giving its enemy some of their own territory of which their enemies would have a sovereign base to launch assaults. 

Europe will do the same. It will "practice what it preached" for Israel to do.  

This will be portrayed in the US in ways I cannot predict, as it will depend upon who we elect.  Had it happened in time for Obama, the rhetoric of Dearborn Michigan's Muslim population would be "on the table" and "open dialog" would commence.  

I simply do not know how we are going to clean up the Obama mess or if we actually will, or will we be having Muslim holidays and Koran lessons continue in our public schools.  I don't know. 
Back to Europe. 

The European patriots, today considered "bigots, xenophobes, Nazis", will have to be corralled via tougher legislation.  Arrests will soar.  Nationalism will continue to be the "sin" of the new Euro religion, along with the "sacrament" of multiculturalism being front and center.  

All the talk of "civil war" in Europe will be displaced by celebrations, praise from Saudi Arabia, discounts in oil, movement of money from German industry to and from Iran but offset by the "Euro-tax" that was needed to make payments on the "tax", or welfare system, for the Islamic hordes and their multiple wives, and large families of special needs children. 

These three new "Islamic states" will not have strong borders.  They do not want them.  Europe, in its still supremacist ideology, will talk of free movement "between friendly peoples" which will serve the Islamist supremacist well. 

Just as the good will seemed to have no end, the first complaints in Europe will arise. 

These Islamic states will, at first, be financially upheld by Iran and Saudi Arabian money, but will soon begin to make demands on the Europeans again, as most Muslims do not work and by simply giving them land, it is not enough to get them to survive; as those who do work are low skilled and uneducated, unlike all the migrant "engineers and doctors" European politicians claimed.  These new countries will quickly turn impoverished and make demands for "global assistance" upon Europe.  "You can't just set us afloat without assistance!  You've taken so much from us, just give us our fair share."

Europe, after promising citizens that in doing this land ceding, would be free from the debt of welfare dependency, will then raise taxes again to support the new Muslim independent nations.  

The first complaint will be money, but a second complaint is not far away.  Muslims in a fallen world, as supremacists, must always have complaints:  we need room. 

This will echo "lebensraum" of the 1930's and it will be all but impossible to deny.  

With the new sovereign Islamic states, mass immigration to them, from other parts of Germany, France and Sweden was not at all what the experts predicted, and migrants from Africa, overflowing with an exploding population, continues, but not into the Eurabian states, but into Europe itself.

Islamic demands for "just our fair share" begins in earnest, with lands surrounding the tiny new nations its first target. 

Given the size of Muslim families, Europeans would be "uncharitable" to refuse them, and, just as was done in 2015 and 2016, European citizens were forced out of their own homes to cede more land. 

New cries of "Civil War" will be shouted down with even more restrictive "hate speech" legislation.  Hungary has left the Euro and sought protection under Putin, who was more popular with Americans than Barak Obama. 

The protests will, however, be captured on iPhones and sent around the world, as Germans say, "How much is enough?" while Swedes say, "given the nature of European exploitation of African in the 17th century, this is only fair to do" but resistance learns its lessons.

Since the supreme Islamists are successful via violence, citing the Koran and Islamic teaching is met by the United States' claim that "Islamic violence has nothing to do with Islam", citizens begin a private resistance movement that utilizes the one tool that is successful:  violence. 

A few burned school buildings had once had small success in sparing one small town the infection, why not more?

This, too, will be quelled, for awhile, by appeasement, but there will be something else that quietly worked for peace. The calming of the crisis in Europe comes from a most unexpected source:  


Iran, with its incredible new wealth, will broker peace talks and may even "donate' large amounts of money to the European towns displaced by Eurabian nations. 

Iran will play itself as a new world power for peace, "by the religion of peace" of which Europe will stand up and applaud, with its elitist leadership apparently justified in its long praise of Islam. 

As Iranian peace becomes a new bumper-sticker phrase in Europe, with Iran talking of legislation to reduce global emissions from the oil that brought its wealth, it quietly, with its new reputation for peace, continues to arm the tiny Islamic nations in Germany, Sweden, and France.  

When discussions open about global warming, Iran refers to its nuclear energy program, dedicated to clean air, and balanced temperatures so much so, that it is all but impossible to argue against them building three new nuclear facilities:

One in the Islamic nation in Sweden; one in the Islamic nation in France, and the third in the tiny Islamic nation in Germany, near the Austrian border.  After all, who better to pave the way for clean emissions than the Iranians, who have long proven Barak Obama and David Cameron correct:  their intentions were always peaceful and nuclear energy is clean and efficient and the small arms they are selling to the tiny nations are but tokens of safety; defensive in nature only, and, by the way, come from plants in Europe.  Win-win situation for everyone. 

As Iran worked its way to a prominent role in the world stage, so it used its wealth to arm the jihadist countries now independently functioning in Europe.  

No war could exist until these small countries possessed not only strong air forces, with Russia financially benefiting along with China, but with a nuclear arsenal.  But this leads to the final question of the coming civil war in Europe:  

Who would use a nuclear bomb today?

The United States is the only nation on earth to have used an atomic bomb in anger.  This fact is not lost on anyone from Russia to Iran.  

What has kept the United States from using it since?

What has kept Russia and China from using it?

Our populations love life.  We want to live and will kill others to live.  For the most part, the civilized world has Judaeo Christian centers, which have built up life and believe in progress.  Mutually assured destruction helps those of us who enjoy living, playing hockey, and listening to music while petting our favorite dogs.  

This is not the case of Islam. 

Islam is "static" and has its own insulations that keep it from any reformation or even progress.  It is a religion of death.  

They have said, repeatedly, that they love death and that we love our Coke and Pepsi. 

They have proven it for 1400 years. 

No ideology has produced people wiling to die, via suicide, like Islam.  

With its massive population and its close in-breeding, it has countless fringe members who suffer from depression, anxiety, developmental disabilities and all sorts of woes that lead them to be societal outcasts. 

With no hope, no future, and no standing in society, these outcasts are easy prey for martyrdom via suicide bombing and allows them to gain recognition in a society that had no use for them, whatsoever. 

They have been, literally, brainwashed from childhood onward, about death.  

The lessons on death include "spectacular" methods of cruelty that has shocked the world.  They are immune to the violence, as they have seen it in their own homes, particularly experiencing it during critical brain development. 

It comes naturally to them.  

This is why we, of the West, cringe at the thought of 12 Muslims raping a 10 year old girl, while they shrug their collective shoulders.  Mohammad married a 6 year old girl and consummated it at age 9.  No matter what their apologists say about puberty, a 9 year old is a child.  Mohammad was a pedophile and he is upheld as the "perfect" man. 

He told his followers to not only kill "those of the book" (Jews) and the "N" (Christians), but to do so in a way that captures the attention of all others who will fear them, and convert or pay the extortion money and be allowed to live. 

Jihad is one of their sacred duties. 

We cannot bear to see a dog die, while they will stomp a puppy because it is either "unclean" or if the puppy is black, is "demonic."

When our soldiers heard the cries of little Afghan boys in caves being raped, they were threatened with court martial if they intervened or if they reported it.  English soldiers were forbidden to talk to journalists.  

When we fought Nazism, we studied Mein Kampf.  

As we fight Islam, we project our love for life upon them and we fail. 

These troubled, depressed, mentally retarded "jihadists" have an army of mosques and others behind them, supporting them, like the rotten school kids who "egg on" the troubled child into mischief, cheering him, and giving him the attention he craves only to disown him as soon as he is caught. 

This is why when 9/11 hit, Muslim neighborhoods across the United States were seen celebrating in the streets.

Almost as quickly as we saw them, the networks stopped coverage.  

To put a nuclear weapon in the hands of a tiny Islamist in the middle of Europe would fulfill the call of "spectacular death" that the Koran speaks of.  

This is where the Civil War begins in earnest, and the pause ends.  

The last two European wars have been measured of its dead in the millions. 

This will dwarf the numbers of World War I and World War II combined.  It will be like nothing we can measure, as destructive capacities have expanded beyond what soldiers of yesteryear ever considered.  

Europe has invited in millions of young men who come from different countries, different cultures, different skin colors and different looks but all have one thing in common:

An ideology that says they are supreme and must destroy all those that do not acknowledge their supremacy.  

What they have done, historically, in some nations, will pale in number of what they will do in Europe, once the numbers reach a certain point. 

What the Islamic nations have sought to do in Israel is being done in Europe.  Thus far, Israel has maintained some level of will to oppose it.  In the US, college kids carry signs and walk in circles protesting what they do not understand.  They hate Israel but cannot articulate why.  

The Islamic nations refuse to give any land to the Palestinians even though plenty of land exists.  Not an inch, will they allocate for their brother Muslims.  Why not?  Because they have vowed to destroy Israel and by having a nation within a nation, it can be done.  Israel is armed to the teeth, and has always counted upon the United States as an ally. 

That no longer exists. 

The migration of Islam into Europe is an invasion. 

The refusal to assimilate is a religious, moral, cultural and political  conviction that runs deeper than any possible European influence, or even bribe. 

The demand for "more", and the insatiable nature of the supremacist means inevitable conflict. 

The "no go zones" will be looked back upon as the first shots fired in the civil war, with Europeans defeated without a single "shot" fired by them.  

The "hate speech" legislation signals Islamic superiority with the de facto implementation of sharia blasphemy laws.   

The "Merkel Doctrine" of being supported by Islamic progeny signals Islamic superiority.  This is why the Imans says the European man is impotent so they are importing us to give them children.  It is an insult no man can bear to hear. 

Barak Obama has assisted the cause of Islam by importing Muslims without as much as a check that any one of us receives while boarding a plane from one US city to another.  But when he was called out by Benjamin Netanyahu, many of us were spell bound by the speech of this Israeli leader and longed for such a man to lead us once again. 

Those of us who care to remember, can picture imagery that is breathtaking in its contrast:

One one hand, we have Ronald Reagan, tall, handsome, in his 70's, yet with American male vigor, pointing and stating in the imperative,  "Mr. Gobechev, tear down this wall!", while then picturing the akward effeminate dance of Obama with Ellen Degeneres.

If that is not enough, what of the eventual leadership portrait and caracteture of Obama and Putin came into focus as we see Putin applauded for saving Christians in Syria by attacking ISIS and the Islamic "Rebels" who were armed and trained by Obama:  

On his 63rd birthday, Vladimir Putin shows the Russian man's vigor by scoring  goals in ice hockey, while we have image of Barek Obama entertaining at the White House a newly promoted military man, who is wearing a dress and matching high heels.

Do these two visual symbols represent the two militaries of our two nations?  Does it symbolize the strength of one, and the weakness of the other?  Does it show the two commanders-in-chief of the two largest military powers on earth, appropriately as to their will and leadership?  While one celebrates his vigor as a man, the other celebrates the capitulation to "offended feelings", and the emasculation of our strength?

The "Merkel Doctrine" is a predication that is based upon the escalation of violence against logic and reason in Europe and in the United States and the tyranny that has come in its void.   

I never thought much of the 2nd amendment because in my mind, who could stand up against a country, anyway, with the sophistication of weaponry? I am not a hunter, nor a gun owner, but I have not begrudged others of this right.  I have seen the clarity of statistics and gun crime and the folly of thinking that criminals will want to register their guns properly before going on a shooting spree.  

Also, prior to 2008, tyranny was, to me, an academic distant philosophy, and something regrettable for other times and other peoples, but not for me or my family.  Even in the late 90's, I discounted those around me who warned me of the trend of tyranny.  I thought they were over-reacting.  

I see it much differently.  

Imagine being in the minority in Europe, as a patriot, watching the Islamic horde invade, rape and pillage, with only a few token arrests by your own government.  Imagine your own government, of who you once thought could tax you no higher, demanding even more, including for some of you, your property. Imagine working two jobs in order to buy a second property, lawfully acquiring it so you can rent it out, to provide for your retirement only to find it has now been confiscated.   Imagine living in Sweden, with your wife and daughter, seeing in a single day, your property value cut in half with the announcement that your town has been chosen for the latest "refugees" of whom there are few if any, women and children, and your daughter's school ruined, and danger so acute that she cannot walk to her friend's house because she would have to pass the local gym, which is no longer there for you, but has been given to migrants who hold to an ideology that says your daughter is their "reward" for conquest.  

Imagine as Nicolai Sennels said, your children growing up in a land where it is normal to see military troops outside your grammar school and trying to explain to them that his is not acceptable. 

Imagine being a European journalist who produced truthful statistics on crime, only to be imprisoned for it.

Imagine loving Sweden with all of your heart, only to have to leave it, forever, as a land that nourished you and gave you your identity. 

Imagine being a middle class nobody who had the audacity to say "misunderstanding means rape" only to find that you have lost your job, and no one will speak to you now. 

Imagine being a Jew in Europe where, since childhood, your grandparents and parents have told you the most bone-chilling frightening stories of how you were once hated and hunted down, and killed and how few of your people obtained arms to resist.  

Imagine being a Christian pastor who refuses to turn his church into a circus of illogical nonsense, defying nature itself, only to find yourself a pariah in your town. 

Imagine being a psychologist who is told, "if you help these Muslim youth in prison by telling them that the Koran is wrong about violence" you will not only lose your job, but you put your own wife and children in risk of death?

Imagine, in ways better than I have, how this mass immigration of such a lethal ideology is going to resolve.  I have played a guessing game, based upon what I have learned about the ideology, what I know about history, and what I have learned from short video tapes that have had to by pass the corporate media to reach me.  I have factored in what I know about human nature, after considering carefully what impact supremacist thinking has had for 1400 years in history, and have made some guesses and predictions about what will happen to Europe first, and then America.

 Once escalation crosses to the point where certain countries are backing different combatants, it quickly becomes a global war.  The first one to use a nuclear weapon in anger will come from the one who's religious, political and social belief is not life affirming, but death affirming. 

I hope to hell and back again that I am wrong. 


  1. I weep for Europe and the man-children that run it. I hope I never have to weep for my country in the same way. Stay armed....I will.

  2. Unknown, I hope I am wrong.

    I am not a gun owner, but will be, soon.

    Here is why...

    I have never been into hunting. I am not against it, but just not a hunter.

    The right to bear arms and raise a militia has made little sense to me for most of my life. Here is why:

    our government has nuclear weapons.

    It has made no sense to me at all, and besides, tyranny has always been something that happens in Africa or the middle east, but not here.

    Everything that has been said regarding conspiracy has sounded like nonsense to me.

    As much as I was against obama, I thought him nothing more than a fool who will eventually give us another holiday and get a few buildings named after Martin L King jr.

    I was wrong.

    I was wrong on some many things, including how this guy would break laws and how congress would quake before him in fear.
    I was wrong about his impact on race.
    I did not think Europe would go this far in their folly.

    I never believed, prior to 2008, that freedom of speech would be gone.

    Obama may be the most powerful president we have had since Lincoln. He has done more to destroy and take away liberties to the point where Europeans without arms are going to, house by house, suffer rape and pillage at the hands of Islamic supremacists who are well armed and there is no police to help. They either will not show, or will be too fearful of being called names, to intervene.

    For 70 years plus, we have had peace and in just 6 years, Obama has turned the world upside down.
    Blacks hate whites
    Muslims are empowered everywhere and our debt is beyond anything imaginable.

    1. His days are numbered in more ways than one.