Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Will Be Europe's First Islamic State?

Which Country will be the first to cede sovereign territory to Islamic supremacists?

Sweden, with Malmo?
France, with Marseille?
England, with Rotherham?


Will 'Mama Merkel' lead by example, or demand someone else do it?

What do you think?  

Islamic supremacy, by its nature, must lead to violence.  They are raised to violence, by both precept (teaching) and precedent (example) from the earliest of ages, with families that are, on average, almost three times as large as the European family. 

Historically, even Muslim populations as low as 1% means "Muslim dissatisfaction" or complaints.  With supremacist ideology, any success by anyone other than a Muslim can only be explained by the Muslim as being "fraudulent", that is, until the population gets to 100% Muslim. 
At this point, they simply take the inequalities within creation and turn on each other. 

As the Muslim population has been steadily rising in Europe since the 1960's, the past few years (since 2012)  has seen a major upturn, and the last few months, the increase of Islamic immigration has been so acute, that host governments have lied about the numbers.  While Germany acknowledged 800,000 migrants publicly, leaked documents showed government estimates for 2015 to actual be 1.5 million.  Given the nature of denial in Europe, not only does 1.5 million mean more than 6 million with family connection, but the 1.5 million number, itself, is likely to be conservative. 

Islamic supremacy is taught to their children, and all others are inferior, to be lived off of (tax) or killed (Jews, Christians, infidels) and the lessons are driven home brutally, and with children desensitized by domestic violence against their mothers; this, for 1400 years.   It is not something European ego can wash off them with outdoor cafes and free health care. 

Muslims complain and politicians, rather than be the one blamed for riots, give in.  It is this simple. 

European "hate speech" laws are written to uphold Sharia blasphemy laws with anything that "incites violence" considered hate speech.  So Muslims say you cannot even draw a cartoon that they do not approve of, so what does Europe do?  It punishes those who draw a cartoon Muslims do not like.  It is a powerful imposition of Sharia against Western tradition of freedom.

When Germans resisted the Nazis, they feared one another turning them in to the Nazis, so much so, that if one publicly criticized the Nazis, he was said to have "coal in his mouth"; that is, words that can bring violence and destruction.  Muslim complaints have been quieted, howbeit temporarily, by forcing Europeans to have "coal in the mouth" and have to now whisper, in conspiracy like hushed tones, words of freedom of expression.  Speak against the Muslim and the European will ostracize you, fine you, and may even imprison you.  

Muslims, for 1400 years, have been wild and violent, which is the psychological outworking of supremacist ideology. The world is unequal and this leads to complaints and threats of violence, and although the Koran allows the Muslim to lie to further the cause of Islam, 1400 years of violence tells us:  take Islamic threats very seriously. 

With such a great population, if only 1% believes in violence, it is still 1,000,000 jihadists.  We know, however, from surveys that in some locales Sharia is wanted, in Europe for example, at 40% or more having positive views towards Jihad and Sharia.  

As the complaints and threats to riot always work, we can expect this to combine with:

a.  Migrants to continue
b.  Migrants to be 70% to 90% male, 13-35
c.  European population to continue to shrink
d.  European average age 15+ years older than Muslims 

to bring increased pressure to Islamization of Europe. 

Eventually, the demands, backed by death tolls, will go from tax payer built mosques and free health care, travel, rent, food, etc, for the "supremacist Muslim", but, eventually, to their own land. 

This demand will likely be initially met by tax payers with relief as they consider they if they give over a city to Islam, they will no longer be carrying the non-working Muslims (Muslims have the lowest employment rates, down to 20% of Syrian Muslims.  Much of this is due to the supremacist ideology:  they do not want to work for "kaffir" and they especially will not work for women), but this is not so. 

Muslims will demand continued tax payer support. 

Meanwhile, newly enriched Iran, due to Obama's abdication of leadership, will mean the world's number one exporter of terrorism has more money to assist the new Islamic state of Europe.  

Which country will be the first to cede over land?


German has "Mama Merkel", who will cover up for Muslims, and would not dare to walk among those who call her this title, and is known to brutally twist religious views to fit her self loathing and desire to punish Germany for the holocaust.  Even as she talks of the Jews, she imports those with pathological hatred and universal desire to kill Jews, to the very place where Hitler almost killed them all. 

Where he failed, Angela Merkel may succeed. 

Merkel calls for Israel to give land to her enemies, so she may put her "money where her mouth is" and "lead by example" in being the first. 


But what of Marseille?  It is close to 50% Muslim now, with the distinction of the most dangerous city in Europe? It is run by gangs with AK 47s, and northern sections are completely no-go zones, including for police.  Islamic "check points" make certain no one smuggles in cops.  Although NYC has a population 10 times higher, Marseille had more drug deaths in 2014.  Most of the city now has little resemblance to French culture anyway, and due to its port status, it is an import hub for African hashish.  


With its attempt at egalitarianism that is at war with nature itself, Sweden has emasculated its men who are unable to protect their wives and children in their own neighborhoods.  Like other countries, its anti-gun mania has meant that only criminals are armed, and armed they are, including AK 47s and hand grenades.  

Sweden is the "rape capital of Europe" and the most dangerous country in the West for women, so might it be first?

Sweden might consider concession of land simply due to fear. Whereas Germany could "shine" diversity, multiculturalism and love for all, to its own demise, Sweden might not even claim such platitudes but simply fold in fear, as its men have culturally been raised to be neutered and do not know what it is like to be allowed to be a man and protect and defend his own. 

Germany is not much different, and commentaries have pointed out how Merkel has basically said that German men cannot produce offspring, so they need the Muslim man to do so.  This was not lost on Islamic apologists.  

Where do you think the first "Eurabia" or "Islamic State of Europe" will be?

Who will be the first country to make concession of sovereign territory?  Or, will the European Union make this decision against the will of the host country?

Hungary, by retaining history lessons, has rejected Islamic migration by reminding us of the bloodshed from Islamic ideology of the past.

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