Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dhimmitude Status Step By Step

What does it take for a nation to accept the status of Dhimmitude for itself?

Bat Ye'or sheds light upon this for us. 

1.  The nation must place peace before and before security 
2.  The nation must accept myths about Islamic peace. 
3.  The nation must praise tolerance above safety
4.  The nation must be willing to dilute its own identity.  

Historically, Dhimmis were broken up to 2 types:

1.  The majority who accepted this status begrudgingly and fearfully
2.  The tiny minority who benefited directly from the Muslims.   These were (and are) those who gained wealth and status by making corporate or political deals with the Muslims.  Inevitably, they did so publicly by denouncing Israel, the pathological center of Islam:  hatred of Jews. 

They gained wealth and power through Arab oil and businesses, but eventually were like lambs led to the slaughter, silent due to the shock that they, themselves, were still "kaffir" and worthy of death. 

Bat Ye'or said that the greatest shock of the wealthy?

That their children were murdered along with the rest. 

It reminds me of the Jews under Hitler who organized the trainloads of Jews to the death camps, when one they were no longer needed, they, too, were boarded for death.  

Dhimmi "Betrayal" 

The wealth and acceptance among the Islamic supremacists led to cooperation in publications, oil sales, manufacturing, gun running, and so on.  They needed to always show a negative view of Israel to satisfy Islamic lust for the blood of every Jew and the annihilation of the tiny nation.  

This came, in history, through publications of anti semitism or anti-Israel (Zionism) political stances, just as today we have country after country condemning the tiny nation of Israel for not allowing Muslims to formally steal a portion of their own land, giving their sworn enemy access to their own destruction.  

BDS Today

College kids have really big feelings and these feelings are often offended and when they are, the college kids demand repercussions upon those not responsible for their hurt feelings.  One college kid curses another, and the college president is told to resign or there will be a boycott.  Said president resigns. 

College kids are really upset about "The Palestinian" situation.  

The Palestinians are, daily stabbing Jews with knives and the press reports the Palestinians as victims in these stabbings.  Although an abundance of land exists for which Palestinians could have their own nation, these Islamic lands will not suffice; neither by offer nor by acceptance:  only land in the heart of Israel is accepted. 

The college kids demand Israel give it to them and express a range of venom towards Israel, though they know not why.  

They are really upset. 

Leaders in Europe join in this chorus and blame the Islamic terror attack in Paris on the Jews (or on global warming).  

France said it will fight back. 

Yet, at the same time, it will continue to import Islamic supremacists. 

Its former president said it has lost its identity.  France is no longer France. 

According to Bat Ye'or, France cannot yet fight against Islam unless she first is unified in an identity.  

This is best exampled by the popular photo of the French father holding up his young son, explaining, 

'Son, they fight with guns, but we fight with flowers.'

As the Islamist reloads, the French male runs back to get another rose.  

That'll learn 'em.  


  1. This should be noted as well. Will it?

  2. I also posted this comment on the SA blog under the Tarantino post.

    I was reading an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Mormons welcoming refugees and came across this comment by a local Muslim former president of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake:

    "The longtime Utah resident is not afraid of violence or physical harm, he said, as much as he is that his faith will be misunderstood and mischaracterized.

    He and other Muslim leaders have made clear that the militant Islamic State group, or ISIS, does not represent Islam.

    Hossain does not want to be "persecuted or have negative things said about him behind his back because he is a Muslim."

    "Humiliation," he added, "is more damaging than if somebody harms me physically."

    To me these comments speaks to the underlining dangerous ideology that Peter has been discussing. They are more afraid of their pride being tarnished, which, in their language, leads me to believe they will become violent to "untarnish" it.