Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Germany Testifies to Islamic Supremacy


Since this posted this morning, we have just received word (see Gates) that Merkel's government is considering formally instituting "Dhimmitude" upon German youth to "wait upon" and "serve" the young migrant supremacists that have invaded Germany.

Drudge Report has "Germany Civil War" front and center.

Islam demands to be seen and reverenced as supreme.

Germany is bowing before it.

St. Martin's Day, November 11th, has been a long standing and quite cute 'festival of lights' for German children, but it is an affront to Islam, which holds tolerance as weakness to be despised.  Germany has acquiesed to Islam's assertion of supremacy:  it will tolerate no religion other than Islam.

Rather than maintain or even simply allow German citizens to decide if they wish to continue this Christian festival and endure the complaints by the migrants, it has folded.

A church takes down its cross to not offend the supremacist Muslim migrants.

German courts rule for the confiscation of private property to house the supremacist Muslim.

German welfare is extended to multiple wives...not for Germans, but for Islamic men.

The very things that made the Islamic countries places to flee from, Germany has not simply welcomed, but pushed aside the ideology that made it successful and supplanted its culture with cultural demands of Islam.

As this is now done with a low percentage of Islamic population, what will happen over the next 2 years as as many as 6 million new Islamic supremacists are expected?

More churches will be converted to Mosques...

Such things as Oktoberfest will eventually have to go...6 billion euro boost to the economy?  Mama merkel will say that they are not crass capitalists and can subsidize the locals who lose euros on this 'request' to drop Oktoberfest.

Friday businesses will have to stop for prayer....

The government will ask, 'voluntarily' that females wear the hijab, and cover up, "to help our new citizens assimilate."

This cry of helping Muslims assimilate will become the most popular way of imposing Sharia blasphemy laws, even beyond what has already been done.

Germany is now asking its inhabitants to recognize themselves as a "Muslim friendly" country.

Next, it will "ask" its citizens to recognize themselves as a Muslim country, 'voluntarily' so that it will help facilitate its Islamic supremacists "assimilate" even as German identity goes.

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