Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Germany's Message to the Muslim Male

What did Angela Merkel actually say to bring so many young, 18 to 35 year old Islamic males to Germany?

                         What did they hear her say?

First, we step back a bit, and then we listen to Angela Merkel's message that the 18 year old male Muslim heard loud and clear. 

First, we must understand the mindset. 

For example, to grasp the Palestinian Israeli conflict, one must understand why:

Palestinians feel the way they do towards Jews;
Why the Arab world supports the Palestinian cause, while offering no territory to them;
Why the Western corporate media and politicians stands against Israel;
Why history is re-written, including holocaust denial, and why it is that Islam declares that Israel does not have the right to exist. 

It comes down to an ancient mindset found within Islam and embraced in fundamentalist Islam, moderate Islam and secular Islam:

The right to exist for a Jew, (subsequently, as a nation of Jews), can only be granted to him by the Muslim.    As it can only be granted by Muslims, it can be rescinded by the Muslim, too.  

This is the status of "Dhimmi" that is bestowed by Islam upon Jews and Christians, of second class peoples who must accept this humiliation, both politically and socially.  

There are two basic elements to the Dhimmi status:

1.  The people accept that their right to exist can only be given to them by the supremacist Muslim

2.  They must pay the Jizrah, (supremacy tax) and accept this subordinate humiliating social status.  If they do not accept that they are inferior, or if they claim an inalienable right to life, they insult Allah and must die.  

This is why we hear the mantras,  "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" because both of these lands have declared, openly, that they have a right to live, and have not accepted this "gift" from Islam. 

This goes for nations, and this goes for neighbors:  Islam prescribes a status of superiority to its adherents, and a status of servitude, called "dhimmi", or, "dhimmitude" to the "kaffir", or "infidel", who must accept his inferior status, or die a violent, "spectacular" death.    

With the United States declaring its inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is insulting Islam.  Only Islam grants the right to live and only Islam possesses the right to revoke this life.  The dhimmi must live subordinate to the Muslim in two distinct ways:  political and social.

Now, if you understand this, you might be able to understand the migrant crisis from the perspective of the migrant.  

What did Merkel tell the young Islamic men in the middle east, Syria, Africa, and Asia?

This is why young, healthy Muslim males who migrate to Europe demand "more."  More what?

It doesn't matter. More of everything and anything.  There is no satisfying Muslim "dissatisfaction" because someone always has something more than the next person in life.  This is to "frustrate" the supremacist Islamic male.  

Put yourself in his shoes.  Be, for a moment, the 18 year old male from, let's say, Syria and listen to what Germany (and Sweden) have said to him.  Listen carefully and hear it from his perspective. 

Germany and Sweden's attitude of dhimmitude sits well with the young Islamic male.  

Consider it from the point of view from the young male Muslim of 18 years old.

He has been raised on the Koran which tells him he is superior. 
His home lessons are reinforced by violence, which desensitizes him. 

He is 18 years old, likely a result of a union between relatives, has a low IQ, and little education growing up in a predominantly 3rd world neighborhood in Syria which we would find violent, filthy, dangerous, disgusting and wonder how it can go from generation to generation without progress.  Progress is not part of Islam, as Islam is a political, social and religious ideology that is static in nature.  It does not move forward and it does not allow reform or even criticism. To criticize Islam is to be put to death, even for just a cartoon drawing.  We have seen that they do not mess around with this claim.  

Back to the 18 year old male from Syria, with the low IQ, low education and violent upbringing which has told him, since the first days of speech:  "You are superior to the kaffir.  Everything they have, they stole from us in the Crusades.  We invented everything.  Jihad is the holy call to take it back. We are victims who have been robbed."  

He sees the success of Europe as an open refutation of the Koran.  It only appears that the European is superior but they got this from "us", through the Crusades.  

He then reads in his local magazine advertisements from Germany, and hears on the news, Angela Merkel, the kaffir woman leader of this inferior people who says:

You, the Muslim man!

You are superior to the German man, who cannot father children. 

Come to Germany!

Come and make many children to replenish our dying land. 

Come and we will give you money your hands have not earned  just for coming and breeding. 

We will give you homes your hands have not built. 

We will give you food you do not plant nor harvest. 

We will give you clothes you have not manufactured.  

You are our superior and we, your dhimmi, need your virility lest we die out in a generation or two!

Then the liberal German is shocked that the Islamic supremacist walks into Germany and destroys things and turns violent because he has to wait on line?

The German is shocked when the Islamic male rapes the kaffir women, as the Koran said to?

The German is offended when he blows up works of art, literature, architecture when it is not the culture of Allah, but of kaffir?

The German is puzzled when the supremacist organizes drug sales, selling to the kaffir to poison their souls, while incredible profits are made?

The German is confused when he sees the violence has no affect upon the Muslim, who will just as quickly turn violent towards his fellow Muslim as if towards anyone else?

The German wishes to protest when the tiny minority thinks itself powerful enough to have Christian churches closed, holidays canceled and Sharia blasphemy laws written into European laws?

The German did not believe the Koran.  

The German did not believe history. 

And for the last 10 years of non-integration, growing criminal epidemic and Islamic demands for submission of the kaffir culture, Germany did not believe her own eyes. 

She lied. 

She lied about "multiculturalism" and she lied about the criminal gangs who run Berlin, and she lied about the rape epidemic of her own daughters, just to protect the superior Islamic male.  

She told her women's rights advocates to be silent. 

She threatened with arrest those who dared tell the truth. 

She used propaganda that would have embarrassed Josef Goebels, with its crudeness and deception. 

Germany lied to her Jews, promising life after Hitler, but then importing millions who have vowed death to the Jew. 

Germany was supposed to tell the truth; but she lied. 

The Muslim lies, as guided by the Koran, to the inferior kaffir, but there is something that Muslims have consistently told the truth about for 13 centuries:


They have told the truth about violence and their own sense of superiority. 

Never mind that the Muslim does not win Nobel peace prizes, or advance culture:  his belief is one of death and he has shown how spectacular he can make death of kaffir appear.  

The German should have read the Koran and have believed it, and history.  They should have seen how appealing the Koran is to the basest of human nature, and how inbred uneducated children raised in homes where their mothers were beaten before their eyes, as prescribed in the koran, would prepare them to display their spectacular violence also as prescribed in the Koran.  

The message from Germany has appealed to the 18 year old wild, untamed and de-sensitized Islamic male, and for him, Germany bowing before him, though he be so very small in number, is exactly what he was taught would happen, since he was born and is confirmation of his own superior status. 

Therefore, the demands will increase as will the violence.    


  1. awesome! This is spot on.

    I would also ad:

    "The German did not believe the Koran.

    The German did not believe history."

    Many modern, Western people don't know these two things well enough to know better. Also, there is a habit that the Leftists have which is to say that Islam is not really Islam, that there is a peaceful Islam, and there are the "radical Muslims" who give Islam a bad name. They will insist this up until the point that a Jihadi causes them personal harm.

  2. chicha, I will add your point to the article. Also, it is vital that we ask "moderate muslims" the following:

    Do you believe Sharia?
    Is the Koran wrong in calling for death to critics?
    Is the Koran wrong in calling for the physical abuse of women?
    Is the Koran wrong in stating that women are worth one-half that of men?

    I avoid "Jihad" because they like to answer with "personal jihad" as if they are cutting calories.

    They cannot lie about the koran, which means...

    death to us and death to democracy.

    Good point,


    1. Then they'll use taqiyya. The only longterm solution is that Europeans learn Arabic. More psychiatrists are also needed who can prescribe high-quality anti-depressants like Abilify (aripiprazol). Removing all "brown" people or keeping them out is undesirable, as "whites" can be (crypto-)Muslims as well, and without Arab Christians the need for non-Arabs to learn Arabic becomes even greater.

    2. Then they'll use taqiyya. The only longterm solution is that Europeans learn Arabic. More psychiatrists are also needed who can prescribe high-quality anti-depressants like Abilify (aripiprazol). Removing all "brown" people or keeping them out is undesirable, as "whites" can be (crypto-)Muslims as well, and without Arab Christians the need for non-Arabs to learn Arabic becomes even greater.

    3. Robin,


      The point is to make them lie in front of other Muslims. They are very uncomfortable speaking against the Koran, even with the principle of lying.

      As a statement analyst, I can only do so much with 2nd language work. Analysis is always best as first language work. The use of taqiyya is very tricky for analysis, but I can still do general, but not detailed analysis. I did this with the nuremberg trial transcripts and it worked well.

      Even the most ardent liars who will claim jihad is "inner struggle" and not warfare, seem to avoid any direct criticism of the koran.

      So, basic questions that stay away from areas of interpretation can put them in a most uncomfortable position:

      Make claims against the Koran!

      Jihad and other issues can have them play "linguistic gymnastics" but plain issues like

      "Would Sharia help America?"


      questions about women often trigger violent emotional reactions (longer sentences) where the audience is able to see, for themselves.

      I am reviewing some of Bat's works where she spoke to Churches and had Muslims shout her down. There appears to be specific triggers and we should avoid jihad nonsense because they will lie.

      They do not like to criticize the Koran in front of other Muslims. They often will avoid the question, which will cause me to note that it is avoided, and ask it again.

      "Is it permissible for you to disagree with the Koran?"

      it is a loaded question that is likely to go unanswered.