Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Question and Answers: Migrant Crisis in Germany

                                        Germany has failed. 

It has imported an ideology that stands against everything that has made Germany great.  It has imported an ideology many times worst than Nazism ever dreamed of being, and she has done it in the millions.  Not only is the latest 2015 figure of 1.6 million too low, Germany's rebel leader, Angela Merkel, continues to dig in her heels as the female chancellor of Germany has shown no ability to compromise, instead, calling out to more "Syrians" that Germany will take them all.  With no children of her own, a twisted messianic complex, she will live behind a wall in a gated community, while making sure that the rest of the nation have no wall of protection. 

 She has galvanized German nationalism as the average German, now thrust with migration of 70-90% males, aged 18-35, who demand that they be considered "supreme", and that their culture be honored, and implemented into Germany. 

Germany responded with extreme caution:  caution to not offend the supremacist ideology, and has, one by one, step by step, limited German freedom, propagandized the news, and held back the factual reporting of the vicious crimes the Islamic supremacists are committing in Germany, Sweden and the UK.  

Photos which appear to show suffering women and children, have been identified with video to show the crude veneer of propaganda, reminiscent of Josef Goebbels' work.  

Merkel, with corporate media's agreement, has hidden from Germans the rape epidemic in Germany where statistics leaked out show that women and children are being raped on a level that may rival Sweden as the rape capital of the West.  

With growing nationalism (Germans like being Germans and like Germany) as well as opposition from her own party, Merkel was thought by many to be about to compromise. 

Instead, she said the following on Monday, November 2, 2015:  

“We’re experiencing something we’ve never experienced before that conflicts that appear to be far away suddenly are here on our doorstep,”

Deception is more than 90% through the means of missing information, rather than a direct fabrication of reality.  Few people will lie by out and out fabricating reality and when they do, they are often labeled "sociopathic" or "pathological liars" who will even lie when no cause exists. 

Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are two modern examples of such, as is Lance Armstrong, who showed that not only would he lie, but he would go on the offensive, and rage against anyone who dared call him a liar.  This pathology is what drove him to destroy lives and businesses, in revenge, and is the "scorched earth" policies that we have seen with Clinton and Obama, going back years to the selling of military intelligence to the Chinese in exchange for campaign contributions, to the importation of Islam into America, and the nuclear arming of those who chant, "Death to America" and "Death To Israel."

Merkel's statement is of particular interest in that it is, by itself, 100% truthful. 

It is true that it is "here on our doorstep."

There is no deception within the words she has used. 

What is missing, however, is critical: 

Question:  How did they get to the doorstep?

Answer:  They were bribed  or enticed by Merkel with the lure of free money for no labor something 18 year old Syrian males seem to love.  She invited them to Germany's unprotected doorstep.  In this sense, for Germany, it is unprecedented.  She has taken her avowed enemy and allowed them to invade, without weapons, and has agreed to pay them to do so. 

Question:  How were they bribed?

Answer:  They were bribed with money. They do not flee war, as the Syrian war has been going on for years.  They are young males mostly (up to 90%) age 18-35, well dressed, iPhones and lots of Euros.  

They are men who do  not feel that Syria is worth fighting for, and have abandoned their wives and children (polygamy is popular) because the "dhimmitude" is willing to pay them to live without having to work, if they promise to have children.  They are not, as reported, educated nor employable and are openly stating:  we will not assimilate into your culture.  They want money and they enter, as supremacists, dissatisfied with everything they are given:  it is never enough. 

Question:  How was this facilitated?

Answer:  In both print and audio media.  Angela Merkel not only advertised in middle eastern, Asian and African magazines that free money, food and housing would be granted, but she took to the media audibly (and in video) to tell Syrians that they "all" would be accepted. 

This led to an explosion of fraudulent Syrian birth certificates for sale. Realistically, all the migrants from the middle east, Africa and Asia, with the supremacist ideology in their hearts, even when "refused" refugee status will do as hundreds of thousands before them have done...simply walk away, and stay in Germany, and join one of the many criminal gangs that run the underworld in Berlin and other cities.  

Question:  Why are they called "refugees"?

Answer:   Main Stream or "Corporate" Media saw that the migrants were 70% up to 90% male, well dressed, lots of cash, healthy, strong and young and chose to report them as "women and children fleeing war" with a direct deception.  

The migrants' ideology teaches that they are superior to the kaffir (infidel) and must demand money from them to allow the kaffir to live.  They see welfare payments as the jizrah or "bribe" (sometimes called "tax") that they have been told, since childhood, is "owed" to them by their god, "Allah."

The supremacists literally passed around the small group of children, and used them as human shields. 

Islam teaches them that they are superior to non Islamic men and women.  It also teaches them that women are inferior, even Islamic women. 
The supremacy ideology always leads to violence and always will, whether it be Islamic supremacy, Nazi supremacy, or any other groups that holds to be inherently supreme.  This is simple to grasp:

Life is unequal.  One is more talented than another, smarter than another, stronger than another, and so on.  
up to 90% males, aged 18-35 perhaps surpassing 2,000,000 in 2015 alone not counting relatives 

When the Islamist sees the success of an "infidel", he believes that since the infidel is not blessed by "allah", his success is due to fraud and must be taken back.  Since, for example, Beethoven, or the Eiffel Tower contradicts the Koran, it must be destroyed.  Any symbols of "kaffir" having success disproves the Koran, so it must be destroyed and history changed. 

Therefore, in a land where Muslims make up only 5% of the population, this 5% will attempt to bully and threaten its way to imposing Sharia.

By the time enforced conversions, death and fleeing a country has left it 100% Islam, violence remains because of the ideology that caused the violence remains.  If Mohammad B has a nicer home than Mohammad A, Mohammad B, believing himself to be superior, will now attack Mohammad A for "fraudulently" getting a bigger home.  

Once in-breeding is added to this, along with childhood exposure to domestic violence against women, you have a violent society that will turn itself into a 3rd world society.  

Germany sees the 3rd world madness and decided that itself was "god like" and "messianic" that it would "save" the 3rd worlders. 

Also, as "god", Germany has "endless wealth" which means they can support the world's Muslim supremacist population even though up to 70% of them refuse to work (see Syrian employment numbers) for the infidels.  

This ideology means that the Muslim cannot submit to the kaffir, but should be his boss. 

Like Cousin Eddie in Christmas vacation not having worked for 10 years: 

"He is holding out for a management position." 

Question:  What is the media  propaganda like?

Answer:   No different than Nazi propaganda against Jews. Crude, purposeful, deceptive with the self-righteous claim of being in the best interest of the public, would could not be trusted with the truth. 

  For example, a picture of a Muslim man laying over his wife and child, protecting them from the blows of the police batons circulated world wide.   "A picture is worth a thousand words."

When the video was played, the truth was seen:  Police were trying to save the wife and child from the man, who had thrown them both on to the train tracks.  

Yahoo News reported that Muslims were offended by "vomiting" Germans in Oktoberfest, puzzled by the decadence, while deliberately withholding the soaring crime rate, especially rape. 

The new religion of Europe is "state worship" where the final arbitrator of right and wrong rests with the government who, once holds an opinion, has the lethal force to impose it upon others. This is why early Americans sought to limit the authority of the government and not allow it to intrude upon conscience beyond public safety.  "Public safety" no longer means military, but in the hands of a tyrant, limiting the size of your soda in NYC, or not allowing you to criticize Islam in Europe.  

The World Trade Center Contradicting the Koran:  it had to go.  

It is tyranny and tyranny is a supremacist ideology and like all supremacist ideology, it is never satisfied.  

Tyranny, itself, is never satisfied and goes from topic to topic to topic, devouring all in its path. 

Question:  How many migrants will enter Germany this year?

Answer:  German politicians, beginning with Merkel, have consistently under-reported, gotten caught, come somewhat clean, but under-reported again. 

The migrants are impossible to count and the volume of those who were not 'granted' asylum but simply stayed is unknown.  If we have learned anything, it is that Merkel and Media will not be truthful. 

They deliberately withheld the rape epidemic that not only swept through migrant camps, but has been ravaging the country for years, with media finally admitting that they did this to not allow "nationalists" to galvanize and strengthen.  This is more blatant than Nazi propaganda of the 30's. 

With 220,000 reported in just one month, and judging by the equally unreliable statistics of the United Nations, the number of Islamic migrants from Syria, Africa, Afghanistan and the middle east in the calendar year, 2015, could reach 2,000,000.  

Please consider what it would be like to live in a small rural town where your family goes back 400 years and suddenly, with one stroke of Merkel's pen, your town is now outnumbered 8 to 1, by Islamic supremacists, with not one of them having a job. 

Your wife is not safe. 
Your daughters are not safe.
Your town's infrastructure is incapable of handling even the basic toiletry of such numbers. 
Your ancestory home is ruined. 
Your property value has been destroyed. 

You have no borders and you are physically incapable of defending your land because your government confiscated all your weapons.  

Yet, Mama Merkel not only lives behind a fence, but has armed guards. 

She will not allow you a fence, nor arms to protect yourself. 

This is a small town that is destroyed but it is symbolic of the greater narcissism and detachment of Merkel.  

If the number 2,000,000 in 2015 is frighteningly high, consider that, on average, each will have 4 family members to bring over for unification.  From 2015 alone, this now means almost 10 million Islamic supremacists added to the millions already living there who have refused to integrate and the only recourse to stave off civil war is to cede over sovereign territory to the Islamic supremacists.  

Question:  Why so many rapes?

Answer:  Islam teaches that it is a reward of the supremacist to rape the infidel woman.  This is combined with a pathological hatred of women, in general.  Two startling examples of this pathology:

a.  An Islamic man is seriously wounded but refuses medical attention from a female.  He cannot bear, even in excruciating pain, to have a woman "touch" him.  One can thus imagine how hostile a man must be towards women in general to avoid intervention in such a distressing and vulnerable time. 

b.  Migrants dumped out donated food saying it was not fit even for dogs, but added that it would be acceptable only for women. 

While western mind considers masculinity to be the sacrifice of its strength for righteous purposes such as "Women and Children First!" from the Titanic, the Islamic mind will throw women and children overboard to save the more valuable men.  The West believes in "turning the other cheek" to personal insults, as a form of strength.  Islam sees this as weakness and a provocation to violence. 

Germany pandered to Islamic rape, and Sweden forged statistics in an attempt to call Islamic supremacists who rape "Swedes" for the purpose of reducing the statistical evidence that they are doing what they believe is right:  raping the "infidel" woman, or even the Muslim woman who refuses to cover up. 

The koran teaches it and Mohammad had sex with women and children and taught them to take the "kaffir" women and rape them.  

Like all human beings:  they do that which they believe.  

Question:  Why do people provoke Muslims with cartoons of Mohammad?

Answer:   It is a deliberate provocation that is necessary to maintain freedom.  Islam has survived 1400 years without reformation because it protects itself:  it calls for death to anyone who criticizes it.  Throwing homosexuals off roofs, beating women in marriage, honor killing, and so on, are all "off limits" to criticism.  This is a way to declare:  We will not submit to de facto implementation of Sharia (Islamic law) 

Question:  Do you hate Muslims?

Answer:  No, I hate the ideology of tyranny and cruelty.  
I hate what it has done to Jews, Christians and Muslims for 1400 years.  I hate what it has done to women, children and those incapable of defending themselves.  I hate the way it is bowed to, today, by politicians who fear an uprising on their watch.  To take a line from leftists, "It's the ideology, stupid."

The ideology begins in childhood and it is affirmed with domestic violence.  It is difficult to convince a Muslim male of 18 years of age that violence is wrong because not only was he taught it from the cradle, he witnessed his father beating his wife (wives) according to the Koran.  

Non practicing Muslims are also targeted for violence.  

It is not only challenging to counsel the 18 year old Muslim away from violence, but this challenge is further heightened by the close in-breeding in marriage by Muslims.  In spite of a population in the billions, they do not win Nobel Peace Prizes (though I think they will soon, for political reasons, the way Barak Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Price before he did anything), they do not advance culture, they do not produce beauty, art, literature, music, and so on, and have consistently very low IQs. 

This makes critical thinking difficult.  

Therefore, you have a teenaged male with high testosterone, raised and desensitized in violence, under religious commandment to commit violence.  He is a "good Muslim" if he is in jihad.  This is why Islam is the only religion to which the more devout one is, the more violent. 

Question:  Was Mohammad a pedophile?

Answer:   Yes.  He married a 6 year old girl and consummated at age 9.  Since he is held up as the "perfect man", we see pedophilia commonly practiced.  In Afghanistan our troops and British troops were both forbidden to speak to the media because they saw little boys in caves. 

Eventually, US troops did try to intervene to save the boys upon hearing their cries of pain from being sodomized.  Some troops got in trouble, and eventually a "stand down" order was issued.

Some Islamic apologeticists point to Mohammad having sex with adults and claim that this proves he was not a "true" pedophile.  The truth is this:

In order for a man to have intercourse, he must be aroused.  This means that Mohammad had sexual arousal when he was with a prepubescent child, which is something a pedophile can do.  Most men would be incapable of such physically. 

Others point to the short life and early maturation which is evident in 13 year old girls of ancient world marrying and having children.  

9 year olds are pre-pubescent then, and now.  

Let's say that somehow, the wrong message about this got out:  yet still in the world is the myriad of child rapes by Islamic ideology:  this indicates that they perfectly understood the example set by Mohammad. 

Mohammad was a sexual deviant and the hatred of women has led to a wide variance of sexual deviant crimes including bestiality.  Jokes are often based in reality and the deriding "goat $%^&Y" came from enough eye witness accounts of bestiality that the label stuck.  

Question:  Why did Islam so catch your interest? 

Answer:  After 9/11, people routinely asked, "Why do they hate us so much?" and I desired an answer as well.  As a deception detection expert, I heard President George W. Bush lie to the American people and it infuriated me.  Among his lies included "Terrorists have hi-jacked a peaceful religion" while the bodies were still being accounted for.  His intellect never impressed me and his business connections to big oil were bantered about, but even if he had any meagre education, for him to deny 1400 years of cruelty, as exactly as prescribed in the Koran, was treason. 

The "Islam" talk had died down, however, quite a bit from there, until Barak Hussein Obama ran for president, but any question about Islam's connection to Obama was met with "racism!" "Fear mongering (ironic today) and "You're just asking this because he is black!" to the point where, I think, many Americans voted for the inexperienced and unqualified candidate just because they wanted to show the world that they were not racist.  I think most democrats believed that he would talk a lot, and maybe get a few schools named after Martin Luther King jr, but that was about it.  

I did not see this coming.  

We have had all things Islam shoved down our throats since the election, yes, but in earnest after re-election:  he no longer hid his affections for his Muslim upbringing.  

Even while black locales report extreme unemployment, Obama has imported Islamic supremacists into the country, against our will.  He violated law after law, used the IRS to silence his enemies, and is likely the root cause for thousands of deaths in the middle east, by empowering one Islamic group over another.  

In short, he may have brought more "change" to the nation than any president since Lincoln, and has ripped us apart along racial lines, with his false and deliberate antagonism of police.  Baltimore, a city where money money per child is spent than almost anywhere, and more blacks have ruled decade after decade, and only one party has reigned, is the result of his loathing of America and his betrayal of black Americans.  

From there, I began to seek to learn what holdings Islam has gained in Europe.  The "Sweden Rape Epidemic" was something that hit me personally, as I have worked with rape victims for almost 30 years, and learning the criminal aspect of "supremacist" ideology as well as the empowering of criminal activity through "corporate victim status" directly impacts my work as a Statement Analyst and instructor.  

Question:  Where can I learn more about Islamic destruction of society?

Answer:  The shortest route is online.  

To learn about a country destroyed by Islam, Bat Ye'or's book, "Understanding Dhimmitude" will be painful, but necessary.  There are websites I check everyday with some having updates around the clock as each day we live, people die by prescription of the Koran, and the Koran teaches its followers to lie to us.  This makes it necessary to employ discernment and analysis:


Front Page

http://www.thereligionofpeace.com   Here you will see the weekly death toll.  This week is 227 dead with 305 critically injured.  This is useful when someone tries to say that it is a handful of "sociopaths" using religion.  Not only is this not a handful, as Obama said, but they are obedient, devout followers of the ideology.  



For the world's best psychological understanding of the criminal nature of this ideology, see Nicolai Sennels at:   http://10news.dk    Use this to read all of his articles.  He worked with Islamic supremacist youth who commit most of the crimes in his country.  




http://pamelageller.com  Here is a woman who will not let jihadi threats stop her.  


From these, you may also use Google Chrome's auto-translate and look at news from Europe directly, though these will often contain heavy editorializing and propaganda.  Every so often, truth leaks out. 

YouTube is replete with videos that corporate European media will not show.  Citizens are getting the word out. 

Be prepared, emotionally, for some very difficult reading.  

The cause here is for freedom. 

If an Islamic country wishes to be ruled by Islam (called "Sharia law"), it is their business. 

When immigrants come to America and demand Sharia be imposed here,  beginning with Sharia blasphemy law that forbids criticism, it must be resisted.  This is a fight that we did not start.  We fight Islam because Islam is at war with us. 

Every single time we back down to Islamic demands, whether it be about a Muslim holiday, or pork sandwiches, or not allowing seeing eye dogs in taxi cabs, Sharia creeps further into us, and we lose a touch more freedom.  This is called "creeping sharia" and it is a historical reference to how Islamic countries got the way they are. 

With a tiny Islamic population, threats of violence and protests are heard by short term politicians who do not want such things happening on their term.  If they withstand Islam, they are called "Islamophobe" and "racist" (Islam is not a race, it is an ideology, stupid), and even receive threats of violence.  

Islam lies often, but when it comes to threats of violence, they have, historically, kept its word.  

Once a school district or city has given in, Islam uses the precedent set to force other schools and cities to do the same, and then dissatisfaction begins again. 

Europe has "hate speech" laws which say that any speech that brings violence is criminal. 

Therefore, Islam threatens violence on anything critical of Islam leading to arrests and fines (with threats of imprisonment) for those who have said something which led to Islamic threats.  

This is to impose "de facto" Sharia law. 

A ham sandwich is something so insignificant that we often do not give it a second thought; yet to the supremacist ideology, it is the setting of precedent for the next "conquest."

Liberty is under attack.  

Question:  What is an Islamophobe?

Answer:  A person who is afraid when Islam calls for his death and uses this fear to protect himself.  

Homosexual groups should be protesting Islam for throwing homosexuals off roofs to their deaths.  They are not. 

Women's Groups should be protesting Islam for genital mutilation, honor killings and physical beatings, but they are not. 

Victim Advocacy Groups should be protesting Islam for the rape epidemic where a Swedish woman is in more danger in Sweden than any other place in the entire Western world, but they do not dare criticize Islam. 

This is how the Sharia Blasphemy law is being imposed "de fact", even though it is not 'fully' written into laws. 

Where Islam settles, so is violence and death. 

Judaism and Christianity are religions of persuasion. 

Islam is a religion of coercion, conquest, and death.  While Judao-Christian thought has led to Western society, culture, architecture, art, literature, music and so on, Islam is a "static" religion where progress is a sin, and death is concentrated on.  This is why we do not find Islamic food banks, hospitals and charities, but when we do, they are found to be fronts for money laundering for terror. 

I close with one more frightful thought to contemplate, which is difficult to put into words. 

Islam has 1400 years of violence under its belt. 

It lies about everything but violence.  

There has never been any periods of Islamic peace nor any Islamic advanced culture, in any way, at any time.  

The most powerful military and industrial nation in the world has allowed the pathological and sworn Islamic enemy of freedom the nuclear bomb. 

Unless the Israeli military is able to destroy it, it is a matter of time before massive death reigns from the sky and the world will look back to the time when Benjamin Netanyahu boldly told the world that it would happen, even as Barak Obama made veiled threats against him and his tiny country.

We will mourn as more than 70 years of nightmarish warnings have been echoed in our hearing about the ferocious power of the nuclear bomb, and its attendant death cloud, subsequent suffering and contaminant poisoning of life. 

We will remember how Barak Obama lied to the American people and kept secret the dark details of the compromises he made out of his boyhood allegiance to Islam to permit the nuclear bomb for Iran, the world's greatest exporter of Islamic terror.   

We will mourn, perhaps, like our country has not mourned in a very long time.  


  1. I went back to Gatestone this morning and the report is still there: Make German youth dhimmitude mandatory to testify to Islamic supremacy. I thought it had to be a bad dream.

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  3. Excellent. Thanks for your efforts.

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