Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reformation of Islam Brings Death

Obedience to Islam 
Why no reformation for Islam?

It would be our worst nightmare.

Many secularists hold to the hope that moderate or secular Muslims will step up, unify, and bring reformation to Islam and make "jihad" become only internal struggle against sin.

Wrong headed.

Some point to the Protestant Reformation which brought much light to Europe and eventually helped found the United States, as impetus for reformation in Islam.

The Protestant Reformation brought a return to Scripture.  It's key tennets were the "solas" of the Reformation, including "Sola Scriptura", or "Scripture Alone", taking out the external influences of Rome and returning to the "pure" faith of the Scripture.

In calling for reformation of Islam, the last thing we want is a "return to the Koran."  In fact, this is what separates secular Muslims from religious Muslims:  the secular Muslims are those who are not interested in jihad, and who are not very interested in Islam as a religion; it was just something they were brought up with. 

It is similar to "non practicing Catholics" who are baptized as Roman Catholic, but do not go to Mass and do not follow their church's teaching on much.  If they become devout, they will then become more interested in their religion but for the most part, one might never know a non practicing Catholic has any religion at all.  This is where the phrase "moderate Muslim" comes from:  those who have little interest in their religion, which is a good thing, since "extreme Islam" or "radical Islam" is actually Islam, as the ideology.  

A reformation of Islam would mean a "return to the Koran", or "pure Islam" which is what the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, CAIR, and all other supremacists boldly declare:  believing in the Koran means subjugation of the world by coercion.  

This is why it is said that Islam is the only world's religion that where one becomes more devout, violence increases.  

Critics point to scripture that Christians and Jews interpret spiritually such as, 'if your eye offend thee, pluck it out', as an example.

Jews, from early on, had rabbis commute sentences to the "cost of a hand" for the thief.

Christians, from its beginning, understood, wrote and practiced to "pluck out your eye" simply meant to do that which it takes to keep from sin.  Historically, there are not examples of barbaric eye plucking among Christians.

In all cultures, societies and times, there have always been evil, or mentally ill people doing bizarre things, but there has never been a moment of 'reinterpreting' these things to be literal.

In Islam, the descriptions and the history have shown not only have they been interpreted literally, but have specific wording that calls for the jihad to be "spectacular" with descriptions of exact murders.

In Judaism and Christianity, the death penalty has been consistently understood, as is, as the Scripture explains the purpose.

Barak Obama with his "those Christians and their guns" is like the Nazi party blaming neutral Switzerland for the deaths of 6 million Jews.  

Each year, 20,000 people world wide die at the commands of obedience to the Koran.  

How many died this year at the hands of Christians strapping themselves with bombs, yelling, "What would Jesus do?" while committing murder suicide?

Obama, faithful to Islam in this realm, knows what he is doing.  He knows he empowered his Islamic brotherhood, heart felt from his childhood, to destroy Christian lives in the Middle East, while destroying churches, and applauds as Europe commits suicide by Jihadic invasion, even to the point of paying for it. 

Islam cannot be reformed. 

Each week in our church, the minister prays for the conversion of Obama and for the destruction of Islam. 

He does not pray for Muslims to be harmed, but prays that the ideology be destroyed, once and for all time. 

No other ideology has had more ability to kill in this world than Islam.  Other ideologies of tyranny and death have come and gone, including Communism, Marxism and Naziism.  When we have pockets of resurrection, we are rightly afraid. 

Islam has survived and grown for 1400 years and continues to do so.  

Our minister prays for the destruction of an ideology while churches in Europe take down their symbols and change their beliefs to accommodate the supremacists who seek to destroy them.    Our church is the fruit of the Reformation, and is often referred to as a "reformed Church", or one that believes in "sola Scriptura", or "Scripture Alone" as its guide.  This helps keep people's personal opinions personal, and the church is not allowed to bind the conscience to anything that Scripture does not.  It is very "free" in this sense, and, agree with it or not, it allows for plain understanding on where it stands on any issue.  If Scripture upholds it, the church does, but if the Scripture is silent, the church encourages individual conscience exercise itself freely.  Freedom is the one thing tyranny fears the most, which is why Islam is coercive and why it is spread by conquest, yes, but voluntarily, it has its most fruit in prisons.  There, it justifies the violent criminals sense of superiority, and justifies his criminal behavior.  

Note to Mama Merkel and her abuse of Christian doctrine:  

Jesus did not teach his followers to commit suicide to appease Jihad.  

Her religion is not Christianity, but statism, where her god does, in deed, drive its faithful to madness with its ever changing trend, and its altar of sacrifice of Planned Parenthood, who turned profits the Nazis could not dream of,  the indiscriminate multiculturalism, and the complete misunderstanding of human nature, counting upon the generous heart of Islam to fund Germany's retirement.  

When a homosexual is confronted by Christianity or Judaism and told, "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with woman", the homosexual may consider his way, laugh, mock, and walk away free to do and believe as he feels. Christianity and Judaism are religions of persuasion.  

When a homosexual is confronted by Islam and told that same sex is prohibited by Islam, if the homosexual mocks Islam, he has committed blasphemy and must be put to death.  
If he continues in his way, he will be put to death in a spectacular way; a way that others will see and fear, such as being thrown off roofs.

Homosexuals in America will, perhaps, one day long for the days when a bakery did not make them a cake, when they see what Islam has in store for them.  

Islam, the ideology, must be destroyed.  It cannot be reformed.  

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