Thursday, November 19, 2015

Soccer Match: The Moderate Muslim

In the soccer match where thousands can be heard first boo'ing  the moment of silence for Paris, and then chanting "Allah Akbar" in unison, we note who the multitude was:

Moderate Muslims.

Radicals do not attend soccer matches, nor musical concerts, poetry readings or other acts of culture.  It is forbidden to them.  Only moderate or secular muslims attend.

The depth of sound heard in the stadium tells the public what most of us know:

Moderate Muslims are those who do not commit the violence but have the same supremacist ideology of the supremacist jihadists.

They choose among them the weak, the feeble, the dissatisfied, the most depressed, mentally ill, and those who feel unworthy or unnoticed within their society for suicide bombings.  When they attend Mosque, the imam does his own vetting; who is low intelligence, low paid, unemployed, disaffected and "radicalize" him; that is, bring him to a level of devout obedience to the Koran, and make him, known by none, to be a "star" within his community and bring him the recognition he has craved for all his young life.

They know how to exploit their own.

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