Friday, November 13, 2015

The Nuclear Weapon In Anger

What are the chances that Iran will detonate, in anger, a nuclear weapon, whereas even at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States refused to attempt to annihilate each other?

Let's consider the chances that Iran will detonate a nuclear weapon in anger by looking at the individual, and individuals who will be making the decision, just as Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy made the decision not to.

Behind the decision to detonate a nuclear bomb in anger is not a machine, nor is it a congress of men of opposing opinions.  It will come down to one man making the final decision backed by a small group of men of like mindedness, representing not a nation, but an ideology that wherever it is found, stands in agreement with the decision;  an ideology that transcends borders, tribes, races, and even generations.

Not only will this decision be supported by Islamic supremacists all over the world, but an echo of approval from Islamic supremacists from the days of Mohammad, through the darkest of ages, through the underdevelopment of the third world, right up to today:  1400 years of history will be pushing that button to detonate the world's most deadly weapon, in one accord, by the world's most deadly ideology.

Wash Your Hands.
To believe  the citizen testimony of what Europe is experiencing under the Islamic invasion, including the personal testimonies of eye witnesses who have by-passed media, one must believe history.

 One must believe that "barbarians" existed.

One must believe that barbaric peoples existed and due to their ideology, acted out these beliefs in ways that assaulted the senses of the lands they invaded.

The report of excrement, for example, speaks to lack of personal hygiene;  something that travel agents to the 3rd world do not report.  In Europe, citizens have reported (using iPhone video) the migrants, particularly from Syria and Northern Africa, who refused to use indoor toilets bringing filth and potential disease to their beautiful homeland.  Scarcely a word of this in reported by main stream media which is subsidized by the government in Sweden, and has admitted conspiracy with German officials in deliberately under reporting the numbers of migrants, and the crimes, so as not to "galvanize" opposition.

These governments set immigration policies and have declared that anyone who disagrees is morally unworthy of an opinion, and has a form of mental disorder so acute, that they have irrational fear, and must not be considered capable of giving an opinion.  Thus, those who disagree are "hateful, rightwing Nazis" who suffer from "xenophobia" and "islamophobia" and are not "real" citizens.  In France, this opinion can lead to both fines and potential incarceration.

Therefore, main stream or corporate media has not even reported the outbreaks of violence in hospitals, and the epidemic of rape even though it has deliberately endangered women and girls.

They will not report the disgusting lack of hygiene that "barbarians" deliberately practice, either, even as the German government hands out literature in native languages attempting to persuade the middle eastern and northern African males to use indoor toilets.

Some German towns reported smearing of excrement, while another reported using waterproof paint to cause "splash back" of urine to the outdoor user:  this was done to discourage the Islamic young males from using the town walls for urinals.

Main stream media, like the BBC, do not report it, therefore, it does not exist, and when we have reports of it, we do not believe it.  In order to believe it, we would have to believe history.

We did not believe "barbarians" existed in Europe in the late 1930's, and the disbelief, often chalked up to "propaganda" left over from the first World War, left Jews at risk, until 6 million were murdered. We began to learn that these people were not like us.  We began to take "Mein Kampf" seriously.

We did not believe "barbarians" existed in Japan in the early part of 1942 until we learned first hand. We dismissed the reports of cruelty and inhumane treatment as propaganda.  When we learned that Japanese soldiers, themselves, were brutalized by their superiors, we began to understand and accept that these people were not like us.  The Bataan Death March, and the Rape of Nanking, along with the "trading" of baseball card like photos of Japanese "heroes" holding human heads, among the children of Japan, came too late for many.  We did eventually believe the code of the warrior.

We have the Koran.

We have 1400 years of historical adherence to the Koran.

The Koran is far worse than Mein Kampf, and the Bushido Code.

The Koran not only calls for violence and prescribes extreme violence, but it is the projection of one man's sexual deviation and perversion, as it mingled sex with violence, awarded rape to its male conquerors, and even, as a religion, describes sexual violence for a "reward" in the after life.

Yet, we do not take seriously the Koran.

We have CAIR, the president of the United States, and liberal "shout downs" with calls of "hatred" and "phobia" to silence any dialog about the Koran, jihad, and the ideology that says its obedient males are superior to women (women are "50% the value of man) ad superior to all others.

Since life, like science, is not equality, supremacy ideology must lead to violence.

This ideology is far more dangerous than anything the world has ever known, but the danger is not 'done' yet:

The Muslim males are brought up with this ideology;
The Muslim male is raised with Domestic Violence as an example to him, watching his own mother as victim;
The Muslim male's IQ is on average lower than all civilized lands;
The Muslim male is as a result of very close in breeding;
Low IQ, developmental disabilities lead to poor impulse control and inability to reason:

We have the greatest capacity for violence known to mankind.

Now, we have given the Islamic male the nuclear bomb.

It will be used in anger.

It is not a question of "if", but "how long will it take" to have it developed and deployed?

There is no need to predict a war, or a precipitator to cause it to be detonated.  The only question of time is not "when?" but "how long from now?" since Iran, even under sanctions, has led the Islamic world in exporting terror, as prescribed and promised.

If news reports are true, Angela Merkel knows this and in the spirit of Hitler, has sent police in to confiscate computers and cell phones of Germans who have posted "hate speech on social media" which, as you now know:

is any speech that disagrees with Merkel's policy on immigration.