Monday, November 9, 2015

The Price To Pay For Truth

If you read or rely upon main stream media for your news, you can rest easy; all is well, and the one unified world's utopia is coming along just fine.  

If you listen to what citizens are reporting, or smaller news sources are telling us, you are likely very alarmed and see that armed conflict is inevitable as an ideology that seeks to destroy freedom gains powerful allies in both politics and corporate media.  

There is one thing that has become abundantly clear in the last 6 years in both the United States, and in the world today:

If you tell the truth, you will be accused of two things:

1.  Being possessed of a specific negative emotion:  hatred.   This "hatred" is seen in the following way:

a.  racism
b.  National Socialist (Nazi)
c.  right wing  (though Hitler's socialism was quite far left) 

2.  Having a specific mental health condition:  phobia.  

a.  Islamophobe
b.  xenophobe  

This is to say, if you speak the truth about almost anything today, you are hateful and have irrational fear, therefore, as one full of hate, you are morally disqualified from being heard, and as having irrational fear, you are disqualified from logical communication.  

In other words, just shut up.  

We as human cannot bear to not communicate.  

In my work, I not only teach language, but I get confessions because people cannot help but tell the truth, even while attempting to deceive.  It comes out.  Even with all the training in the world, if you get me to freely speak, sooner or later, the truth will come out. 

It always does. 

In Europe, politicians, with the cooperation of main stream media or corporate media, told the people that fences and guns were bad, and only for people who have xenophobia, or hateful islamophobia. 

By denying fences to their people, the politicians have allowed millions of people with ideologies destructive to Europeans to not only walk into their countries and to live off the labors of the Europeans, but to rape, assault, kill, and displace them.  By denying them guns, they have denied, for example, Swedish men the means to protect their wives and daughters.  Just 3 years ago, the shocking statistic was that one of every four Swedish woman would be raped, while now, this statistic has shifted, terribly so, closer to one of every three, on track to one of every two.  The rape epidemic has grown dramatically. 

Police reported that Islamics, as identified MENA, represented 2% of the population but committed 79% of the rapes, but now, as the population has increased, the numbers are even higher, yet the 2nd generation (and 3rd) "MENA" is counted as "Swede."

This means that is it possible that 3% of the population is doing 95% (or more) of the raping of Swedish women and girls.  MENA is Middle East Northern Africa Muslim males.  Since Islam teaches that "unbelieving" women are to be raped, and that even "heaven" is rewarded with the rape of 70 virgins, it is something that not only appeals to the basest nature within man, but has a religious or affirming element to it:  it 'pleases' their 'god', "Allah."

The fear of being labeled "racist" (which is "hate") kept Rotherham police not only from arresting and prosecuting Muslim males (with some confessing having intercourse with 11 year old girls let go with a 'warning') but caused far more than 1400 children to be raped, beaten, terrorized and destroyed by their silence. 

These children have now grown to commit suicide, become addicted to drugs, homelessness, Domestic Violence, child abuse, and, in short:  destroyed lives. 

A teachers' union in Germany warned students:  Stay away from the migrants who are predominantly Muslim young males, to spare them the fate of their UK sisters.  

German politicians were quick to condemn them as, you guessed it:


All because they are afraid that the girls in their schools will be raped by those who's religion teaches them to rape women who do not cover up.  

Anyone who wishes to speak the truth must be prepared to have these labels given to them. 

Merkel has said, 'If you disagree with me, you are a Nazi'

At some point, someone must stand up and say, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names shall never hurt me" and no longer care about being called names. 

Far better to save a life and be slandered, than to allow evil but receive the praise of men.  

Those who tell the truth will be condemned by the hypocritical politician, safe in his gated and armed guarded community, and the truthful must learn to embrace these names as badges of honorable protection.  


  1. Nazi's hated Jewish people, saying that Jewish people were tthieves and unclean and they killed them all because one man said the Jews must be exterminated. The Muslim extremists (terrorist ) feel the same way about everyone who isn't a male Muslim. What difference is that Merkel person seeing that makes the Nazis and the Muslims not as the same sides of one coin?

  2. Obviously this cannot continue. There will be a war of some sort.