Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Rape of Swedish Women by Pat Condell

This is almost unbearable to watch. With the criminal attempt to protect Islamic koran-prescribed rape by: a. Blaming Women b. Freeing Rapists c. Light Punishments d. Refusal to Deport e. Changing Rapists to "Swedes" or "Immigrants" f. Changing skin color g. Falsifying Records h. Threatening those who address Islamic Koran Rape as Islamic and from the Koran, with prison and fines; 

 They endanger their own wives and daughters. 

 They are cowards.

The unnatural "egalitarian" used to emasculate males has left them incapable or unwilling to protect their own.  




  1. You're right, Peter; it's almost unbearable to watch and hear. Every day, I ask myself 'when are people going to wake up?'
    Although I don't comment much, I'm here. Every day. The Reference is among my "dailies." I don't read newspapers and I don't watch mainstream news. I read my daily blogs.

  2. Thanks, Kitt.

    I have made this separate from Statement Analysis, even though much lie detection is needed due to the Koranic teaching and politicians and main stream media's quest.

    There, popular or noteworthy news along with lessons is given, but it really helps those considering training to see how effective solid training can make them, especially Human Resources and police.

    Here, it really is about this most pressing of all issues facing our world. We have seen our country torn in two, and the world become more dangerous than any time in 70 years.

    There is more lying and acceptance of lying, even here, in the last 6 years, that it helps my business.

    That is a very sad thing.

    Thanks for the comment; I appreciate it.