Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Slumber of America

Recently, we heard that 40% of young people feel that 'offensive speech' should be limited by government.  

This is shocking. 

Protestant Christianity, in its migration to the United States (before the formation of the US) brought this absolute element of freedom of speech, specifying it to:  'treasonous language against the government.'

The entire point of 'offensive speech' is that it is offensive to someone:  in general, the powers that be.  

Today, if you disagree with government, your argument will not be heard. 

We see this even with governors of States refusing to accept Syrian migrants due to the supremacy teaching of Islam and the violence that it calls for.  

Obama's reaction?

Not simply resistance, but to increase the number of imported Islamic supremacists.  

"John Calvin and Martin Luther were the founders of America" is what people say, in the sense that their teaching, including on the 'divine right of kings' being challenged if the king would usurp his role under Christ.  The king, himself, was subject to the Scripture.  If the king is the final rule, he is above criticism.  If the government is the final arbitrator of right from wrong, it is above criticism. 

If you criticize the government today, you are unworthy of having your argument heard:

"you are hateful" and you have "irrational fear", such as:

Here is my migration policy and you disagree, therefore, you shall not have your opinion heard because you are "immorally full of hatred for your common man" and you have  "xenophobia", that is, an irrational fear of foreigners.  (Islamophobia is something many of us say is something we are labeled when we understand the Koran).  

America is moving towards the European model of making speech a crime.  This began with politicians seeking a faux moral high ground with "hate crimes", which eventually did catch on.  This meant that if Person A murdered Person B he would receive punishment but if he said something to Person B before killing him, the punishment should be worse. 

Instead of simply stating that Person A has forfeiting his right to live because he took Person B's life, the government is now the great "reader of the heart" which, when accepted by the slumbering American people, has led to today's "reading of the heart" and "discerning both hate and phobia" in those who disagree with government. 

It is no wonder that American young people are not being taught history today as it has been commonly been taught, in favor of new "white shaming" and "white privilege" which has ignited the anger of the masses in racial hatred. 

The great homosexual rights movement will leave the homosexual pining for the day when he was told "repent and believe in Christ", which he found so offensive, yet under Islam, he is beaten, stoned and thrown off buildings.  Under Christianity, he was free to reject the offer of Christians.  Under Islam, "peace" comes from "submission"; with the "peace" coming from their death.  

This "change" was brought, in earnest by Barak Hussein Obama's rampant racism and his Islamic faith which means:

In corporate media, if you want access to the White House, you better toe the line on free speech, and if you want high positions across the nation, you must also agree with the new assault on free speech, thus the screaming midnight call throughout our colleges and the newfound resentment of the white Christian race. 

The 3rd world has not missed this.  

They saw what impact Christianity had upon America and Europe, and the prosperity and has done everything it could to join in to the prosperity, first, seeking proudly to be called "American" and now to take what they can from America, while condemning America.  

Europe prospered from its Christian heritage of "do unto others" and "thou shalt not", producing a magnificent culture the envy of the world and now it denies the very thing that got them there, and have openly invited Islamic supremacists who, since the 1970's have shown them:

We will not assimilate.  

We are your superior and will continue to live off of you (the jizya)  

We will outbreed you.  

In Germany, Mama Merkel has, like Obama, dug in her heels and instead of owning error, has increased migration and her country's take over.  We will likely learn that the predicted 1.5 million will end up over 6 million, quickly, with families, and as the Islamists have said, they will have 4 wives, 18 children, and soon overtake Germany. 

Here is the sad reality:  

If Germany were to close her borders today, completely, the birthrate would still mean her demise in a single generation.  If within 3 and 1/2 years, Germany has 20 million Islamists, the 20% mark, given the violent and incessant dissatisfaction of Islam, will mean Dhimmhtude for Germany.  

The Paris mentality that says, "son, they have guns, but we have flowers" is the antithesis of the Biblical mandate to pray and fight.  The "sword and the trowel" were used to build the wall of protection and "loving one's neighbor" meant to fight, but to practice ethical warfare, including giving quarter to prisoners of war, but it does not preclude fighting, and the prayer to "teach my hands the skills of war..."

As Europe holds out the flower to the Islamist, the Islamist responds with the AK 47, having no issue importing it in spite of strict gun laws. 

What is Europe's response?

Limit its citizens from hand guns. 

This "flower" ideology is being imported by Obama, not because he is unintelligent, on the contrary, he is acting according to his belief in Islamic supremacy and his hatred of white and black Christians.  (Is there any better explanation as to why he can look at a black city with high unemployment and still break down the borders to supply businesses with labor?)

As we see Europe slumber before the Great Islamic Migration of the 2000's, we see American leadership's success in bringing the same slumber to American colleges. 

While Islam trains soldiers, American college kids hail a 65 year old grandfather as its "woman of the year."

While Europe proudly boasts of her wealth, she imports the Islamic supremacist thinking that by just basing in her glory, the Islamic will overthrow 1400 years of brutality in brainwashing and in-breeding. 

Her nest, well feathered, has brought her ease and her ease has brought her slumber. 

While she slept, her foundlings were torn from her nest.  

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