Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Temptation To Make History

There is a point in some politicians life where they have an opportunity to make history.  Dictators come to believe in their own "divinity" and often make that one fateful decision as "god" that brings destruction.

The temptation to "make history" proves too much to them to resist.

Hitler did it.

He had a chance to make history and the lure proved irresistible.  He had blamed the Jews  in Mein Kampf and he made the fateful decision to eradicate Europe's Jewry.  He circumvented laws and even had new laws written to carry out his plan.  He conspired with the Soviet Union to bring the world into war and it ended with the deaths of tens of millions and a devastated Germany.

Obama did it.

He talked about "changing the complexion" of America, which most people thought was just political rhetoric.  He circumvented laws, issued his own laws disguised as "executive orders", broke down American borders and told the millions of illegals who to vote for.  He outspent 3 previous presidents, armed Iran with the nuclear bomb, stripped the military of its strength and divided the country into two in a way we have not seen since The War Between the States. The United States is impotent, demoralized and has more citizens dependent upon government than ever before, and no longer is a country of laws, as it slips towards anarchy and immorality that argues over which male military leaders wear dresses and how Christians can be pummeled into irrelevancy as he imports Islam into government and population.

He made history. It is unknown how many thousands of Christians in the middle east have died due to the vacuum and chaos he, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's help, created.  The next generation may see the fruit of his Iranian deal as they will attempt to keep their promise to use the nuclear bomb, and count the dead in numbers rivalry Hitler and Stalin.  Yes, he "changed" America.  He "changed" the middle east and he has changed the lives of Jews in Israel and time will soon tell to what extent.


Post war Germany prospered while East Germany suffocated under socialism.  Socialism, if successful, must eventually die a natural death due to its war upon the inequalities inherent in nature itself.  Eventually the socialist government will run into debt, and eventually, the debt becomes so massive that it collapses, or the government prints more money, leading to inflation, which also leads to collapse.

All roads of socialism and communism lead to collapse even as politicians pave this road with supposed higher morals and good intentions.

Democracy and capitalism brought such wealth to West Germany that East Germany build the dreaded wall; not to keep invaders out, but to keep its own people in.

Eventually the extremest socialism of the East collapsed and Germany reunited, the Soviet empire split up, and prosperity quickly spread through out Germany.

Germany, both West and East, prospered greatly from the principles of freedom within capitalism and as its wealth grew, so did its ego and it began to do exactly what wealthy nations have always done:

"My hand has gotten this wealth" pride eventually led to the inevitable "God Complex" where a government takes over the responsibility of its citizens.  No longer limited, government expands to the inevitable dictation of social morals, supplanting freedom that was the fruit of JudaoChristian foundation from America.

It became wealthy and powerful and united Europe in the European Union, a club that appears not so easy to withdraw membership from.

The EU power grew and so did its demands upon other nations, as did it laws as the wealth of Europe created a socialist utopian society.  The government would take care of everything, including security, so it quickly disarmed its people while ridiculing the United States as "gun crazy."

As "god" it believed its own madness to control people socially, even passing legislation prohibiting criticism of itself, mirroring the Islamic blasphemy laws, and set out to prove its Divinity, not to itself, as this would be preaching to the choir.

Europe, led by Merkel, sought to prove its Divinity to the world.

Merkel's belief in European divinity was so powerful that she invited the most severely barbaric ideology, even worse than Hitler's own, to come to Europe and she, "Mama Merkel" would, like god herself, provide for them, and scrub off all barbaric traits of violence and sexual perversion and clean them up like the proud European.

To her dismay, they did not abandon their barbaric ways, and slowly, over decades, the Islamic supremacist did not yield itself to European supremacy, but clustered together, and nations soon learned that 5% of the population could populate 80% of prisons.  This was known before hand, but nations like Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, refused to believe history's lessons, over centuries, how this ideology insulated itself against all reforms.

Advertising in media, this was no immigration by those hungry for work and eager to become European, this was an invasion fueled by something unprecedented in history:

free and endless money because, after all, Europe is their own god, and god is unlimited in wealth.

So come they did, by the tens of thousands per day until finally Europe felt it could handle no more and Mama Merkel was faced with a decision to close the borders and admit the humanity of Europe.

Close the borders and begin to deal with the crime, poverty, rape and unwillingness of the Islamic supremacists to work for the European, whom is called "kaffir", or "infidel."  This would be, by itself, a test of wills that is likely only settled by war, according to the history books that warned them.

Cut your losses, Merkel, it was a good run; the country is in shambles and you must now face the consequences of the millions of barbaric supremacists running throughout Europe, on your euro, and retire.

You are a millionaire and the guns and fences you denied your citizens, will be safely employed for you.

Merkel chose to make history, instead.

"We will take them all.  We can do it!"

She took her stance, slogan in hand, no different than "Sieg Heil", or "Hope and Change" or any other clever bump-sticker mentality to appeal to those who wish not to engage the intellect for critical thinking.

Instead of admitting the limited nature of European humanity, she chose to make history and keep alive the myth of European Divinity.

The border remained open and since the announcement, the government estimate number of 800,000 for 2015, went to a government estimate of 1,500,000 Islamic supremacists, with the overwhelming majority (70% to 90%) being young males.

While she had media report the migrants to be "women and children war refugees", main stream media was outsmarted by citizens with iPhones who video taped the invading hordes to show very different video than media:  We saw for ourselves, via the German citizen, the young men, well dressed, with lots of Euros, from northern Africa and the Middle East, marching in, making demands, and destroying anything in their way.  Whatever they were given, it was not enough.

The rapes began.

The Koran teaches this, so it is an appeal to the basest of human nature, and the Koran specfies the target:  the German woman.  Never one to alway obey, they targeted Muslim women, too.

Merkel clamped down with media to stop the reporting, but social workers, doctors, nurses, and concerned citizens rose to the occasion.

When protestors organized to keep Germany safe, Merkel again conspired with media to label them "Nazi", "Xenophobe", "Far Right Wing" (with a nod to Obama), and "Racists."

She even announced before one rally demanding German citizens stay home.

What did this cause, but an even greater turnout.

Counter protestors turned violent and the video of such is not surprising:

most all are young college kids, idealists who have no clue what it means to survive in the world while the protesters were, by and large, middle aged, parents, professionals and those who fear Islam in the most rational and sane way possible:  informed fear.

Think of what German nationalists are doing:

They are fighting back against elitists who have all the money and all the press and all the television to control the populace, yet, after pummeling them early as "thugs" and "neo-Nazi", the organizations to resist the Islamization of Europe is growing.

Even Merkel's own government has recognized that armed resistance is coming.

Merkel, in an attempt to appear omnipotent, as "God", actually threatened war upon disobedient European nations in the migrant invasion.

What did this threat do?

It galvanized Hungarians who like Hungary, and strengthened Poles who like their Poland.

Each lie told by the government and media has been countered by citizen journalism and productive protests and is growing by the day.

Unfortunately, by the day grows the population of Islamic supremacists.

In what appeared to be a "stagger", Merkel's government began talk of not allowing "refugee" families to join them.  Remember, these invaders "fleeing war" left behind their wives and children to face "the danger" of war.  Merkel was reminded:

Islam pathologically hates Jews and 1.5 million Jew Haters in 2015 alone, bring in 4 members and we have...

6 million Jew Haters to add to the 6 million dead Jews from Hitler.

Estimates vary but the Jewish population in Germany is tiny and getting smaller each day.

Yes, Merkel has chosen to make history to the destruction of Germany, just as others did in her stead.

For Merkel, belief in her own divinity, like Obama, like Hitler, like all other dictators, will prove that history lessons unlearned remain the the servant of the sane, but the bane of the mad.

The Messiah Complex in politicians is not new, but the end is written thousands of years ago by the Judeo-Christian jealous God, Who does not share His crown with any. He brought them their incredible wealth through freedom, and now seems set to take it away; not through force, but to allow them to do it themselves, as their pride leads them higher and higher, to the spectacular fall.  

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