Monday, November 23, 2015

The Winds of European War

America will undergo a dramatic change post 2016, no matter who is elected.

The FBI will restore the word "Islam" to its terrorism manuals, and there will be a reduction in Muslim Brotherhood appointments; quiet and small reduction under Hilary, but major and perhaps, complete, reduction under Trump.

Under Trump or perhaps others, the Islamic invasion of America via migration, will slow, and we will have to deal in areas where Dhimmitude has been expressed through political correctness and submission.

But for Europe, it is too late. 

Even if Germany, for example, were to completely stop its importing of Muslims yesterday, the population is enough today to threaten violence to gain major concessions, (historically) but then we must add in Family Reunification programs (add 6 million more, immediately, to the population) but we still must deal with the

"women and children refugees" that did not show up, though were reported by the BBC.

The immigrants were 80% or more young male.  There are approximately 5 million Muslim male 18 year olds today, and approximately 5 million German male 18 year olds today in Germany.

The German population is not even replenishing itself, while the Muslim population is exploding.

The number of German soldiers and Muslim soldiers is equal.  This will change dramatically in 18 years to the number of Muslim soldiers greatly outnumbering the German soldiers.

We will not wait 18 years for the results.

When did World War II begin?

This is an important question.

Shortly after the Treaty of Versaille was signed, trouble brewed.  When the stock market crashed and began its spread of crisis of confidence around the world in 1929, Germany was already in trouble.

The complaints grew louder and louder over the next decade until war in 1939.

War takes time to percolate.

Objection:  War came suddenly to America, not over many years.

Answer:  Hardly.

FDR did everything to pick a fight with Japan possible and finally succeeded in his embargo.  The set up of our fleet bottled up in the harbor has long been discussed but FDR's language revealed deception as he tried to "persuasively promise" to keep us out.  It was the language of deception.  He wanted us in.

Winston Churchill wanted us in, but was not deceptive about it.

We look now and see Europe crumbling under Dhimmitude growing, and Muslim growth and wonder, "this is why our grandfathers died?  To save freedom only to watch freedom suffocate voluntarily bowing before Islam?"

War is coming.

In my article on the Third European World War, I outlined how it might develop, but development is on the way.

I speculated on which country might be the first to cede sovereign property to Islamic supremacists for the sake of peace, with special attention on Sweden, or Merkel's Germany, as the claim for Israel is loud to give up property to its sworn enemy.  But I did not consider Belgium!

Belgium already has a city that produces the most jihadists per capita, which we do not need a map to remind us that Belgium is in Europe, not the Middle East.

France has its own Muslim run cities and as recently pointed out in Germany:  Germany doesn't seem to fear ISIS attacks.

Germany is Islam friendly, dhimmitude submissive, and has soaring Islamic crime, including rapes, as well as Islamic clans running Berlin, but it is not a target for Islamic terror.  This is due to the lengthy friendly relationship between Germany and Islam.

Using history as our guide, let's consider:

1.  Growing Muslim complaints of "Islamophobia"
2.  Growing Muslim violence, like Paris.  The corporate or MSM hides all the "small" reports; the rape epidemic and the governments try to adjust the statistics.  The violence is everywhere.
3.  The displacement of the European.
4.  The resentment of being blamed.
5.  The backlash that must come naturally.

When the moment of silence is disrupted by thousands of cheers of "Allahu Akbar" at a soccer/football match, it is not by Islamic extremest. The extremest do not attend football games. 

I saw the video of the New Jersey Muslims celebrating in the streets of Jersey and saw how quickly CNN dropped the story and stopped airing the video.  I stood on top of a bridge, watching the smoke from the Trade Centers while on Long Island, with my children, wondering, "why do they hate us so much?  What have we done?"

Thus began my learning of Islamic teaching and why Jonathan Edwards called it "the antichrist of the East" and why Churchill warned against it like rabies overtaking a dog.

Islamic supremacy is a contagion that spreads slowly but incessantly.

What I think is to happen:

When 129 people are killed, the headlines blare.

Barak Obama has confessed his Muslim belief, via pronoun as "we Muslims must...", so he sees this as a victory and it explains why his response was to say "I will import more Muslims from Syria" as he has one year left to complete his "change" of America.  This is predictable.

John Kerry and the extremest left say "Global Warming" caused it, while Sweden says, "Israel caused it", while others say "loss of jobs caused it" and on and on it goes...

while the average person grows in anger.

The BBC broadcasted that women and children were fleeing war in Syria as "war refugees", over and over, while citizens posted videos showing the contrary:  young men, eager for jizrah from Sweden and German, were angrily invading Europe.

When the videos from citizens flooded the world with the truth, the BBC continues the propaganda.

When a European speaks the truth, he or she is pummeled into submission, yet the public still sees it.

When Merkel demands the "far right Nazi xenophobes islamophobes" stay home at a rally expecting 5,000, 10,000 show up instead.

When citizens see Christmas being cancelled so as not to upset Muslims, they are angry.

Yet, this is not enough to cause war.

Follow the money.

Millions of Islamic supremacists have invaded Europe and they have a violent, sexually misogynistic violent, ideology of supremacy with them.

They do not assimilate and they do not, in large majority, work.

Europe has always yawned at warnings against socialism, with wealth making the warnings of Winston Churchill look like nothing.

But it is the warning of another Brit that should be heard:

"When their nests become well feathered..." warned Charles Spurgeon, they forget the source of their blessings and their ego takes over.

In a recent pithy American Thinker article, the author showed wealthy Germans utterly disinterested in discussing Islamic invasion thinking, "if they rub shoulders with us long enough, they will love working at Mercedes Benz so much more so than blowing up buildings to justify the Koran's description of kaffir culture."

They also think that the 2nd generation would assimilate.

Denmark statistics tell us:  the 2nd generation works even less than the first and actually increased in crime!

In other words, what they believe, they do. Or, "it's the ideology, stupid!"

The natural tension will continue to grow and once Russia has annihilated the budding caliphate in Syria, ISIS will not be ISIS, nor Al Quada, but some other form of Islam and will focus on its strongholds in Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, England, and in Germany and will take the fight to the locals.

The political pressure will increase.

The infiltration of schools will increase.

The rape epidemic will also increase.

The dhimmitude stance of politicians will increase.  (Hey, who wants a riot on their term?  They want their own school holiday?  Its better than riots!  Just given in!)

The displacement will continue with "white flight" and "brain flight" and actual government confiscation of property as we have already seen.

But it will be the violence that'll eventually lead to the armed local conflicts, which may begin as "skirmishes" minimized by the BBC and other state-sponsored media.

George Soros, master of manipulating currency, will benefit financially, but the European utopia will being to feel like Greece on steroids.

The inevitable cut backs of welfare benefits will be hailed as Islamophobic racist hateful attempts to disenfranchise a victimized population even more!

Enter Iran and Saudi Arabia's money.

The gun smuggling versus gun restriction in Europe already means that Europeans cannot defend their families.

The broke welfare system will raid Europeans' state retirements to stop the Muslim complaints.  This, coupled with the incessant Paris like attacks, and all the embitteredness of feeling like a stranger in their own homes and...

An uprising or insurrection will occur and here will be the breaking point of no return:

Merkel or a Merkel like faithful dhimmitude will order the military in to squash the "rebellion."

It may be successful but not forever, as history will be heard:

The first time a military commander lands his troops to crush the rebellion of the "xenophobic right wing nazi citizens" and turns and defends the citizens instead, defying the government, the war that appeared only small and guerrilla warfare like, is now on.


If it takes a decade or more for dissatisfaction to brew, we are already years in.
If it takes lots of deaths to finally stop the PC lies, we are closer than we were last month.
If it takes a financial crisis to fuel dissatisfaction and awaken the slumbering prideful, we are close.

I know that many commentators have predicted the war will begin in Germany in the next generation when the Muslim outnumbers the German.  I disagree and here is why:

The money.

The Islamic supremacist sees working for the European as contrary to the Koran's teaching of his own supremacy.  This is why they spit out food, demand more, get more, but are forever dissatisfied.  It is the nature of supremacy itself:  even in 100% Islamic nations, they fight one against another.  What we prize as self control, they see as weakness.  What we see as childish weakness, they see as righteousness.  What we see as rape, they see as Allah's reward.  What we see as beauty in arts, they see as a waste of time to be blown up.

The money.

There is no way Europe, even with more and more taxes, can support the Muslim on welfare.  There are just too many, too many multiple wives, too many Muslim children in state foster homes, and too many in special education.

Plus, the lowering of school standards is very late.  The school standards have been dropping due to the Muslim element in the classroom: the inability of close marriage products, to keep up, the constant protests and disruptions, and the violence have all already lowered standards.

By actually dropping grade requirements, Germany, for example, is just stamping its approval on what the last 30 years of multiculturalism has brought her.  Standards have been down for decades; they are only just formally announcing it.

The brilliance of German manufacturing will be over soon.

The BBC tells us that not only is it all women and children, but they all have advanced degrees.

The IQ tests tell us that they are borderline mentally retarded or, in the very least, uneducated, untrained entry level laborers only.

They cannot, wholesale, be trained for Mercedes Benz.

The money.

Money is always somewhere in the mix for war and not only will Europe be incapable of maintaining socialism, but welfare states and open borders do not work and only hasten the pride of socialism.

Europe grew very wealthy from its Christian roots.

Even the smart mouthed comedian Pat Condell who decries Islam benefits from being born next to neighbors who's culture has been "thou shalt not kill" and "do unto others", whether he wishes to believe it or not.  He is a smart man, but he has his own religion, too, yet fears to label it as such.
We all have our religion.  We may discover it as we go to the final source or arbitration of right from wrong for us.

Pat is right about Islam and he is right about Islamic rape, Islamic crime and how homosexuals will one day long for the time where they were told "thou shalt not" by Christians, rather than being stoned or thrown off buildings by Islamic supremacists.

Christians hold to the Bible, and the basic freedoms and dignity of man taught in the Bible led to the beautification of Europe, and, as many say, Luther and Calvin founded America.

Christians see the Bible as the final arbitrator of right from wrong.

When society dictates the final arbitration of right from wrong, we do not need to travel back in time to Nazi Germany to expose the fallacy of this, but shoot over to the United Nations Human Rights Counsel in Saudi Arabia, the "beheading capital of the world" to see what "community standards" really means to a community.

Europe got its wealth from the Judeo-Christian ethic and it produced freedom, human rights, art, and rebirth, howbeit, with plenty of struggles, set backs, and reformation moving forward.

Yet she got so wealthy that she felt god like power, with unlimited wealth and all the barbarism of the Third World needed was to bask in the presence of the haughty European.

In Paris, they have flowers, while the Islamics are simply reloading for their next attack.

In Sweden, they have eunuchs, who can only watch in horror as their women and children are raped.  They open another rape center, as the rapes have now spread to males, but they are incapable of defending women and children with the men tyrannized under feminism which meant substitution of patriarchal Christianity for "egalitarianism" which attempted to masquerade matriarchal society.  Now they ridicule the "feelings first" responses of Sweden and Germany with various names and jokes, but the bloodshed continues.

France, hailed for its un-obama like reaction to ISIS, will be also increasing its Islamic migration.

War is in the air.

The propaganda and demonization of those who want freedom is not working as more and more Europeans are awakening to the death toll, and the closing down of their own cities.

Snopes ridiculed "no go zones" while European police knew exactly how many hundreds of them existed.  Fox News apologized, even as these numbers classified by police grew.

Islam cannot be reformed.

The Christian reformation was a "turning back" to the Bible, and the great "Solas" of the reformation including "Sola Scriptura" which meant strictly limiting the various governments of:

the family
the church
the civil magistrate

so that freedoms would be maintained.

A law would be thus scrutinized under the light of Scripture and all ideologies weighted against it.  This is why communism and socialism were rejected.  Since the 70's, Europe seemed to disprove the points of freedom as it became the socialist utopia of the world, but all false "peace" will come to an end and human nature will prevail.

It went in waves of progression.

The barbarian killed the unarmed gentleman.

Next generation:

The gentleman insisted on inviting the barbarian into his home.

The barbarian killed the gentleman and took his home.

The next gentleman insisted on paying the barbarian to enter his home.

The barbarian took his money, his wife and his daughter, and killed the gentleman just the same.

Because bloodlust is insatiable, even the killing of those whom the barbarian lives off matters not.

One single week before 9/11, companies were offering college kids $2500 checks to come work for them.

On 9/12, all offers were rescinded.

Violence is not loaded with wisdom.

War is in the air.

The winds of war blow for quite some time but inevitably, war makes it way.

Sadly, it is either war or Dhimmitude's slavery status.

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