Friday, November 27, 2015

The Winds of War: Putin Versus Obama

Islam is the most violent supremacist ideology known to human history.  Freedom can go to hell.  

Where National Socialism blushed, Islam stands proud. 

NAZISM lasted two decades; Islam 1400 years. 

NAZISM was limited to Germans, or German-wannabes called "Arians."

Both hated Jews, but in terms of killing, Nazis are amateurs compared to Islamic supremacists, who teach their own males to be superior, and assert this superiority by demanding submission from nations where they are outnumbered by 95% of the population.  THIS is boldness. 

ISLAM has superseded all race while 

NAZISM was limited to a singular nation;  

ISLAM has superseded nationalism, races cultures and eras.  

Planned Parenthood has sought to catch up in the number of dead, but they are still far behind.  More have died at PP than under Nazis but they have a long way to go to reach ISLAM.  

PP's sale of body parts and their financial bonanza embarrasses the best of the Nazis in making bodies into lampshades, or using human hair, gold teeth, etc.  They were child's play compared to PP. 

But ISLAM has killed more than communism or any other ideology this world has ever known. 

It is a contagion that sweeps through lands, conquers everything in its path, and must be resisted both physically, and ideologically:  it must be outlawed in the United States.  

It is an ideology that is based upon sexual violence and coercion.  Its religious aspect includes sexual violence in eternity.  

Now, Turkey, an Islamist nation, has attacked Russia.  Putin will react.  

The Obama doctrine of change has led to a 400% increase in Islamic deaths in the 7 years of his administration, a continual flow of Islamic supremacists immigrating to America, and the arming of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Islamic de jour declared "moderate" in Syria and push has about come to shove.

Putin may now make his move.

Long emboldened by the self-loathing weakness of the former world power, Russia returned to the Ukraine and is now poised to make its move in Syria, where Barak Hussein Obama has chosen one Islamic supremacy movement over another, and has done everything he can to make America Islamic, including arming Iran, and importing ISIS fighters. 

Dropping them food, ammo and deliberately minimizing their strength, he has allowed Islam to gain more power, to the death of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians, while unopposed by Congress.  

This thin-skinned effeminate deceptive leader is best seen in hosting a man wearing  a dress to the White House, our first "transgender" military leader, while Putin celebrates his 63rd birthday playing ice hockey.  

This dichotomy is about to play itself out in Syria.  

Any bets on the winner?

Our guys are limited to such a degree as to avoid any real harm to ISIS, while Putin has openly stated a desire to protect middle eastern Christians.  

Sadly, many Americans will be rooting for Putin because they want to see Obama defeated.  They've had enough. 

Regrettably, we are where Churchill was when he learned that Japan had finally attacked Pearl Harbor:  sad for the loss, but glad for the opportunity. 

It is the same with Islamic terror. 

As soon as people die, we learn that they died according to obedience to the Koran.  

Before the bodies are buried, politicians rush to say that those who were killed under the command of the Koran and in the name of Islam were not killed by Islam. 

While the frenchmen hold flowers to their children saying, "this is how we love", Islamists are reloading. 

Any bets on who wins that one?

Even the French president out-talked Obama yet reminded the people that Islamic violence wasn't Islamic and he'd even welcome more Islamists so he can have more no go zones and more Islamic rape.  

Islam is not only a religion of coercion but is one which prescribes sexual violence. 

It is a contagion that infects and destroys nations and has successfully destroyed freedom wherever it has arisen. 

It must be stopped. 

Since Islam is not only prescriptive in violence and demonstrative in violence it can only be met by violence.  Later, the ideology can be outlawed, but first it must be stopped.  

War is coming. 

Germany and Sweden are competing with Belgium to be the first nation to formally cede over sovereign territory to Islamic supremacists.  

The arming of Islam is well under way. 

Obama is doing everything he can to increase Islamic presence in the United States. 

It is an ideology of sexual violence where even in its religious aspect, the 'reward' is sexual violence against innocence.  

This is why Sweden is the Rape Capital of the West.  

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