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Understanding Islamic Rape

It is vital that the Western mind understand and believe the ideology that marries sex and violence together in political, social and religious terms, and instills its lessons during the early brain development of children.  

Islam is a religion that has sex as front and center, and the sex is united with violence.  

Muslims average 7-8 children, or as one in Germany said recently, "we have 8 children with each wife, and 4 wives means 32 children.  You Germans usually have one child and one dog.  Soon your daughters will marry men with beards and be covered up."

He wasn't lying.  (Although the koranic call for deception is often employed, our next article will deal with this deception on its own, and how we may counter it.)  

Mohammad is set up for the Muslim male as the "perfect man."

Mohammad was a pedophile, a rapist, and a sexual deviant.  The insult, "Goat F***er" insult did not originate from a vacuum.  

American and British soldiers may still suffer today from PTSD like nightmares from hearing the cries of little boys being raped by Afghani men, while on "stand down" orders to not intervene.  

The Koran teaches rape of non muslim women (which has come to include Muslim women who are 'disobedient' and do not cover up.

When they are killed in Jihad, they are rewarded with sex with many "virgins."

I find this, itself, more alarming than, perhaps, most Westerners may have considered.

What is "alluring" about a virgin? Next, what is so alluring about having "many" or a "multitude" of virgins, as promised in Islam for jihadists?

Virginity is prized because it speaks to loyalty to one man or to one woman.  To become skillful as a married couple in love making takes time, understanding,  and lots of practice.  It is a marvelous emotional and physical gift to unite a man and a woman to "one person." I once read where a man complained about monogamy but was answered this way:

Would you rather play 6 musical instruments poorly, or 1 instrument magnificently?  

In spite of modernity's ridiculing of those who 'save themselves for marriage', a life time of a husband and wife loving and caring for one another while forsaking all others has no parallel in life but having a multitude of virgins is to move away from close intimacy towards something entirely different, particular in the mind of the Islamic male who holds this as his "reward" for violence. 

Yet, the night of losing virginity has more to do with the emotional connection than any sexual pleasure.  The sexual pleasure will improve as they learn each other.

Not so for this reward due to its high number:  To have "multitude" of virgins as a reward for killing, is to closely bring non-intimate sexuality and violence together.

This is not lost on the 18 year old male Muslim.

Update?  Imams promise Vigara here.  This stuff is twisted.  

To rape a non believer is the right of every Muslim male and if you think this is just a few "sociopaths" raping, getting caught and imprisoned, think again about the rape epidemic in Sweden.  Years ago, the statistics were so extreme, in spite of deliberate misrepresentaiton by Swedish authorities, that it was 1 in every 4 Swedish woman would be raped.

This was long before the "migrant" crisis took place.

What is the real number now?

From childhood on, the male muslim is told that he is superior to others, and he witnesses his own other beaten by his father as prescribed in the Koran, for, after all, she is only "one half" the value of the man.  

This early exposure to domestic violence, particularly during brain development is similar to not just de-sensitizing the Muslim male to violence, but to "hard wire" him to committing violence.

Q. To whom is this violence both prescribed and witnessed?

A.  Women.

Q.  To whom does "the word of Allah" say is only worth one half of man?

A.  Women.

Q.  What is the "reward" in "heaven" for the Muslim male who kills for Allah?

A.  Women.

Q.  Who were raped by Mohammad, Islam's "perfect man"?

A.  Women and children.  

Q.  Who must cover themselves up from head to toe?

A.  Women.                  Not man, just woman.  

Q.  What in particular is covered up?

A.   Women's sexual body parts.

From the very place where life enters the bold world, and where the warmest tenderest intimacy takes place when a man and woman become "one person", is the very place that Islamic violence is called for.  The woman's most vulnerable part of her body that defines her as a woman.

It is the true meaning of the word, "misogynist."

Although overused, particularly to silence anyone who disagrees with a female politician, the true hatred of women in general is the cause of Islamic rape. It's misuse and overuse actually endangers women by dulling our senses, like 'the boy who cried wolf' desensitized a town to the danger at its gate.  

When an injured Muslim male refuses comfort and aid from a medical professional who is a woman, it shows how deep this resentment towards the woman truly is, and why the rapes are often so terribly brutal and done in multitudes (gang rapes).

It is not a simple act of "misunderstanding" as one German school master said, but a deliberate insidious violent rage against women which is part of their religious and social upbringing.

"Ghosts from the Nursery" asserts what social workers have long known:  children, even in the crib, have the hormonal rush of "fight or flight" when Domestic Violence takes place but they have no reasonable faculty to cause it to quickly recede.  The child cannot talk himself or herself "down" as we can when we are in near auto accidents. One day soon, perhaps, we will have MRI like evidence of the damage we know is done to the developing brain.  

This prolonged time period of elevated cortisol may be the root cause of PTSD as the imprint of fear is so powerful yet, even in military PTSD, (my dad had nightmares for 40 years after WWII, screaming "the Japs!  the Japs!" as he was stuck above board as a signalman, during Kamikaze raids) as the child's brain is in development stage.

In other words, it is "growing and developing with violence imprinted upon it."

Violence becomes as natural as breathing.

Add in to this the Islamic in breeding of first cousin marriage and you have the perfect storm of destruction of women:

Fear of women;
Hatred of women
Social and cultural hatred of women;
Political and Educational hatred of women;
Religious hatred of women;
Sex and Violence linked
Sexual hatred of women as seen in Gang Rapes
Religious reward of sex to "de flower" the virgin
Religious instruction to assault women
Paternal example of beating women in marriage to "correct" them.
Lower IQ and very high rates of developmental disabilities.

Islamophobia?  I think any man who does not fear Islam's ideology  for his wife and daughters is suffering from irrational thinking, himself.

In the Sharia "no go" zones in Europe, where Sharia law is imposed in communities, women are discouraged from seeking police intervention.

They must be warned away:  it is against their religion.

The "virgin" is 'innocence personified' and to the Islamic "heavenly reward" this is not about intimacy, understanding and compassion between a man and his bride; but it is to reward his obedience to koranic violence with sex.  Not intimacy, closeness and tenderness, but sex, one after the other with the impetus:  "I got this from my Allah pleasing violence!" as an underlining motive.  

Since this 'reward' came due to violence, violence is to be understood as the highest positive; the religious positive .  

The "marriage" between sex and violence in the Islamic mind is a powerful religious belief that no amount of rubbing shoulders with Germans or Swedes will ever undo.  

They have seen that even paying Islamists money for just maintaining 98.6 does not satisfy them, or make them grateful, and change their behavior from gratitude.  

Dhimmi indulgence increases the hatred.   

Now Germany is handing out leaflets which basically say, "We love you and respect your religion but here, it is not nice of you to rape women."

This is given to a young, strong, hormone rushing muslim male, aged 18-35, who has come because he has been told he is superior to the German male, who is, himself, almost impotent, to save Germany.  "We need your virility" said Mama Merkel. 

This is not lost on the male "refugees" who have come, not with women and children, but in invading hordes where up to 90% of them are young males. 

The German and Swedish courts (and now the UK as well) find ways to even blame the women for the rape. 

Probation, short sentences, and special treatment in prison of halal food is not lost on the muslim male who asked the hospital to bring him a kaffir woman, for his testicles were "too big" from lack of use. 

Nicolai Sennels has linked Islamic rape of little boys with this bizarre hatred of women, as the pre pubescent boys more resemble the female body which gives them access to "female" without actually "touching' the female, in some twist of insanity processed within the brain. 

Below are photos of rape victims.  You will have to scroll down if you wish to see them.  In any given migrant camp, gang rapes are happening in epidemic portion.  Where "kaffir" women are not available, Muslim women are put to prostitution and raped.  Little girls are not spared.  

These young males have been raised, both by precept (teaching) and precedent (example) that women are inferior (lower than dogs), are are tools to "satisfy" them and that violence and sexual activity are organically linked. 

If virginity to the Western mind represents innocence and loving intimacy, to the Islamic mind it signals "deserved reward" and is to be violently exploited to put woman where she belongs:  worth only half of man. 

In our country after the Titanic sank, it became very popular for boys to join "Titanic Societies" where they learned the phrase, "women and children first."

The migrants, when the boats become unsteady, will toss out Christians first, and women and children next, to save themselves.  


Because they can. 

Thus, masculinity is the sacrifice of strength.  Islamic men use strength to exploit weakness.  

They are not masculine.

Which brings me to my last point; something I do not understand. 

Why have we not read about Swedish men protecting their wives and daughters?

I do not advocate vigilante justice yet I do not know that I would be anywhere but in prison if my wife or daughters had been a victim of such a horrific attack.  

Perhaps others can explain this better...

From Bare Naked Islam:  

Christian nurse raped 

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