Monday, January 18, 2016

Stop Calling Obama "Feckless"

Conservative pundits should stop Calling Barak Hussein Obama "feckless" and "without direction", or even "leaderless" as each event unfolds in which America is humiliated before the eyes of the world; he is purposeful in all that he does. 

In Benghazi, the stand down order was to affirm Islamic supremacy over America just as he has allowed Iran's Islamic supremacy to capture two American ships and 10 sailors.  Iran, the number one exporter of Islamic terror, is now 200 billion dollars richer, thanks to Obama, and are on pace to develop nuclear weapons, even as Obama continues his covert war on Israel. 

His hatred of Israel is deeply embedded in his childhood Islamic upbringing, and is as pathological in its origins as is the hatred that Muslims worldwide hold for Jews.  It is "Koran 101", and has 1400 years of fury built within.  Obama's plan is to undermine all Israeli defense until the yield Jerusalem, not to "Palestinian" rule, but to Islamic supremacy. 

He says that we are not a nation that judges immigrants by religion while he takes in 98% Muslim Syrians with the token  2% Christian. 

He has place Imans on federal payroll, throughout the country in both prisons and military institutions.  

He has wiped "Islam" from "islamic terror" training manuals throughout federal law enforcement agencies.  He has federal law enforcement heads tweet about the Koran as if they were reading the Bible or Shakespeare.  

His policy of Islamic supremacy is deliberate, predictable and concise.  It is anything but directionless.  

He releases Islamic terrorists and emboldens Islamic terrorists to take hostages, knowing it will pay off.  Whereas the world longs for a Ronald Reagan to come and bomb America's enemies to the point where we are safe, he drops food and weapons on ISIS, destroyed Libya's blocking of Islamic migration to Europe, and consistently and boldly lies to further the cause of Islam.  These lies are not lies of omission, nor of passivity, but are direct and pointed fabrications of reality. 

He is anything but feckless and each step he has taken has shown not simply disdain for the US Constitution or the laws of the land, but have been in submission to Islamic purpose.  

He has brought not just change to America, but to the world.  We may have just experienced the most dangerous 7 year period for religious persecution of Christians in the middle east than we have in centuries, as he has emboldened Islamic supremacists everywhere.  

Creeping Sharia has brought acceptance of Muslim holidays; celebrating with school days off, the most dangerous criminal and sexual ideology the world has ever known.  

The socialism he has brought to the United States, as well as the acute racial divide, is nothing compared to the creeping sharia he has facilitated.  

Who will be left to deal with Islamic supremacy armed with nuclear weapons as he leaves office?

2017 cannot arrive fast enough for those who still have hope that the United States of America can recover from the "change" Barak Hussein Obama's Islamic tyranny has brought to the world.  

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  1. Excellent article! Every time I hear one of the talking heads say that Obama is "clueless," "out of touch with reality," etc, that's exactly what I say; he knows what he's doing. I hope this country makes it through these coming 12 months that he has left. I hope we elect a leader who can turn Obama's 8 years around. I don't know which candidate that would be, at this time. Thanks for another great post.